Climbing into another person’s skin

When Atticus tells Scout to climb into another person’s skin, he’s saying he wants her to try to see how they feel and see things from their point of view. That is really helpful advice. It will help scout understand the other kids and other people in the world. If you don’t understand how someone feels, it’s hard to sympathize with them. I try to do this when someone treats me badly or are just mean in general. I don’t do it all the time and I need to do it more to see why people act a certain way.  I think when I do it, it is helpful for me and I end up being nicer to them and I understand them more. It also makes me like them more if I understand how they feel. I have heard this saying a lot and I think it is really important. Many people need to be reminded that they need to understand how people feel.

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Beliefs and actions

In the article that we read about belief windows, I agreed with most of what they said but I don’t agree with some of it. For example, it says that reality is just something that we make up through our belief windows and we just except it as human beings. I think that’s kind of weird because we all have the same reality but we just have different experiences and we think differently. It’s not like our reality isn’t actually reality. The idea seems really far fetched. It is important to know what we believe so we know why we make the decisions we do and where we are in life. Your beliefs are formed by the people you meet and the experiences you have. The people you meet have a big impact because who you hang out with determines how you act and think. Our beliefs shape our actions by us thinking about what we think is right and what we should do. Your actions can also be determined by what you think someone else would do.

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