I think one reason people hate others for no reason is because there might be something in their past that they are refusing to forget and they are refusing to forgive them for. It might also be because someone you care about might hate someone and you care about what their opinion is so you decide to hate them too. I think other people’s feelings about others can really influence what you think about people. One person that I “dislike strongly” is a girl I went to Elementary School with. When I was in sixth grade, I was friends with her and she was super rude to me. There would be a lot of days that she and my other friends would talk about hanging out the day before right in front of me and how fun it was. It was super rude and I hated it. There were also a lot of just little things that she would do like making it really obvious that I was the third wheel in the friend group. I feel like it is justified that I don’t like her because she was super rude but it was a long time ago so I need to put it behind me at some point. Right now, she just really gets on my nerves because she thinks she’s super cool and she’s super self centered. I think people need to put things behind them because they realize that they just waste their time thinking about how much they hate them.

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4 thoughts on “Hatred

  1. I know I have felt hatred towards people by refusing to forget what they did to me. It is easier to hate than to love.

  2. Sometimes its better to just be nice towards the people that are not nice to but don’t let it hurt you more than it helps them.

  3. Whoa. Look out, whoever-that-girl-is. Nobody messes with Julia Wind and gets away with it.

    I know you probably already know, but don’t forget to add a picture for aesthetic appeal and full credit!

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