Love moderately

I think Friar Lawrence is trying to tell Romeo and Juliet that they might be more invested in the relationship than they should be. Their families hate each other so it could be really dangerous for them if their families find out about them. I think he is also telling them that they are really young so they shouldn’t be doing anything extreme. I think the biggest  thing he is telling them is that they could get into a lot of trouble for their relationship and they need to be very careful and not be seen in public with each other. I think that this is really good advice. Since they are both so young, they are probably really excited about their new relationship so they could get a little careless. I don’t think Romeo and Juliet will take his advice because they don’t want to listen to an adult tell them what to do. I don’t think they will act moderately because they like each other a lot. I think it could get really dangerous for them and their families.

2 thoughts on “Love moderately

  1. I agree that since they’re so young, it can get out of hand but if they are smart about it, it will work!

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