Book Declaration Term 3

For this term, I have chosen to read Deception’s Princess written by Esther Friesner. This book was published in 2014 by Random House. I choose to read this book because I saw this book at the library and it look like a interesting book to read. There is 312 pages in this book,the main character is this book is a girl named Maeve who was a royal princess of Connacht.   17866944

The author of my book is Esther Friesner. The book was written in Connecticut in 2014. Esther Friesner wrote over 40 novel and 150 short stories. She is married and is a mother of two kids. She taught Spanish at Yale for a number of years before going on to become a full-time author of Profile photofantasy and science fiction.

The plot of the book is in Connacht and  Maeve is trying to show her father that she is not just a princess but has personality and life instead of being a perfect princess. I think her father will see that she is so much more than a pretty princess and realizes that she has a life and can choose how to live it her own way and no the way he wants her to live.


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