Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

The only thing I know about William Shakespeare is that his type of writing can be really confusing, and his stories had a big influence on books and movies today. William Shakespeare brought a whole new perspective on movies/plays, and made up a lot of words that are still used today. He is still very well known and some of his plays are Hamlet, The Tempest and Romeo and Juliet. I think that William Shakespeare never used a written script for each play, so the same play could often be slightly different. I can’t remember what year it was but in elementary school we studied the play Romeo and Juliet for the whole year we did this by acting it out, watching a movie on it and reading the script. I have a lot interest in Shakespeare so I’m super excited and I think that it will help me become a stronger reader and writer.

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I think having the ability to grade your own work is a huge skill. It can help you with things in your every day life, from the biggest things to the smallest things. For example it can help you know what your score is going to be even before the teacher grades it. Another example is your grading a test and you could change the answers to get 100% but if your honest you can leave them wrong and learn how to do them right. This skill could influence what kind of job you get, because if your boss knows that your honest and going to fix the problem if there is one, instead of trying to hide it.

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How I Feel About How to Kill a Mockingbird

I thought the book How to Kill a Mockingbird was really good and relaxing. I feel like it was kind of challenging. I really like the whole moral of the book, like how it teaches about belief windows, as well as it teaches about walking in other peoples shoes. I think everyone should have an opportunity to read this book because it has such a good story. Some of the things I didn’t like about reading the book was the amount of time given to read the book, it really felt like it was forced and I think I would of enjoyed it more if I had more time. My favorite part of the book is the end, it gets to be one of those books that you need to finish and you can’t wait.

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Real Courage

Atticus is a strong and smart man, he always does his best to show others courage, and his does it almost everyday in the book. My definition of courage is being able to stay strong and show light even in the darkest of times. My definition is like the one that Atticus gave to Jem, but it has the same meaning, Atticus told Jem that “Courage isn’t always a man with a gun in his hand, it is so much more because real courage is showing that even if there is going to be a difficult situation that you can beat it, and show those that doubted you that they were wrong and you were right.”

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Scout asks Atticus if they’re going to win the trial, He says no, scout can’t figure out why but Atticus explains that, “Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win.” I think it is important to realize that it isn’t always about winning, but in the experience you gain from doing it. It’s always good to try, because things might turn out good, and you could change things for other people. In this chapter, Scout assumes that all the trial is winning or losing. What she doesn’t realize, is that even if they lose, the trial will be remembered. It could have an influence on others, it may not seem worth it to put his family through all this trouble just to lose. But Atticus knows its right and puts other people before him.

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Beliefs and Actions

As humans we develop certain beliefs, and those beliefs influence use to do good or bad things, it is called your belief window. Many things shape this window such as laws, adults, teacher, parent, etc. and if you don’t follow this rules then you can get in trouble. I think it is very important to have a good belief window because that shapes who we are and how other people look at you. For example in the book How to Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus has a very good belief window because he knows slavery is very wrong and he stands up for a black man and defends him in court.

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Good stuff from How to Kill a Mockingbird

I did the quote, “There are some men in this world who are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us. Your father’s one of them” (245). I loved this quote because there are tons of hard jobs in this world and only certain people can do them. For example, only certain people can be famous because people are always watching you and trying to make you look bad. I think that is happening to Atticus because he is the only good lawyer in Maycomb County, and he is the first lawyer to defend a black man. Atticus knows that it puts him in danger but he knows something needs to change, that is what I love about him!

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Courage and Integrity

This is Martin Luther King Jr speaking. I heard the crack of the whip and the hair on the back of my neck raised even though it wasn’t at me but it has happened before. I knew something needed to change no person should ever get whipped they treat us like animals even though they can’t do it to us anymore there is still not equal rights and I’m going to change that. Even if I lost my own I just wanted to be heard and change things so I gave speeches and finally my best speech got out which is called “I have a dream.” Things were going great but then this white man named James Earl Ray ended it for me.

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Blind Spots

I think that Jem is right because killing someone isn’t something you accidentally do. It’s way over reacting to the situation and people that kill others have something seriously wrong with there mental heath, maybe this was common back then but I thing that even if it was common it isn’t right. Getting beat up isn’t good but it’s lots better than straight up killing them. I don’t understand why there wasn’t any jail guards back then, I thing that it is so dangerous locking someone up and leaving them there pretty much to get killed. Why did they not hunt down people that took people out of jail and killed them? Because I think that is way worse than the crime that the people are in jail for.