Tell Me About It

Today I am feeling very happy and excited because I order a new baseball bat! On Saturday I went to a Louisville Slugger and Demarini bat demo and I got to hit all of the new baseball bats for 2019. I was hitting this bat and I just loved it but the only problem was it was $500 dollars and my parents wouldn’t spend more than $400, so I had to get a different one. We then finished the bat demo and they gave us a coupon for 20% off which meant the bat I originally wanted would be $400 dollars so I could get it! The coupon didn’t start until the next day, we got on the website in the morning it started and they were sold out, so I was super sad. Today I had a little time before school and checked one last time to see if it was back in stock and it was I couldn’t believe my eyes it was back in stock for $400. So now I have a new bat that is coming next week!

What I’m Reading

I am reading the book Janitors by Tyler Whitesides. I chose this book because the cover looked cool but know what your going to say don’t judge a book by its cover but I did so deal with it. This book has meet my exceptions and beyond, this book is really intense and the kids deal with grown up things. I think that the readers that will enjoy this book would be the ones who like fiction and intense stories. The one thing that I would like to tell more about is that there are magical creatures in this story and they use magical object that give them certain powers.

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Who Am I as a Reader

Who am I as a reader? Well I really enjoy reading and it relaxes me very relaxed. Some of my strengthens as a reader are I can always remember the story very well, and my weaknesses are that I am very slow and it takes me a longtime to finish a book. Something that I want to work on is instead of just skipping a word I don’t know and just going on but to either ask someone or look it up. One of my goals is to read thirty minutes everyday and finish twenty books by the end of the year.

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How I Did During First Term

To be honest first term was very stressful for me, it was so hard the first couple weeks because it is nothing like 8th grade. The thing that scared me the most is the teachers wouldn’t let you retake tests if you did bad on them. The thing that I am trying to get better in second term is study more and don’t go do something else instead. I was very proud of myself because I got all A’s and only one A-. The hardest thing for me to do in this class is write short stores because you have to use certain kinds of languages and amount of words.

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The Power of Words

Authors write a story with words and how that story turns out is what words they use, which is called a move. There are many different kinds of moods such as suspense, mystery, action, anger, surprise, etc, they can display those by Figurative Language. Dialog is also a huge part of the mood for example if the author said “She said” or “She grumbled” they give you two different moods.  My favorite kind of mood is suspense which is caused when the author uses more words which slows the mood of the story down which causes you to think what is going to happen next. There are often multiple words that mean the same thing but what the author uses creates the mood.

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What Kind of a Writer Am I?

As a writer, I think that my best strength is that I get very sucked in as I am writing and like to express my feeling through writing. I often have trouble getting a certain amount of words because I just like letting what I feel come out. There is tons of different writing styles but I think the best kind of writing is argumentative because it is very easy for me to argue for one side or the other. I am going to try to work on my other styles of writing.  I learned from writing tons of short stories and blog posts is that I over think trying to make sense and then use to many words so it does make and sense.

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How I felt about the First story

For my short story I am in the stranger things group and I read the story They’re made out of meat by Terry Bison. This story is about aliens finding humans and they can’t believe that humans are made of all meat. I really liked how the author used “We’re supposed to talk to meat.” which is like explaining that we are dumb and we aren’t on there level. But I didn’t like that how they didn’t want to communicate with us, because they think we will just use them for there technology and then abandon them and never talk to them again.

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What I look for in a good character

What I look for in a good character is for them to be kinda crazy. When you are reading a book and in the back of your mind, you are thinking what are they going to do now. I like it when the author describes the character really well so you can almost have an exact picture of them in your head and then they show a picture later in the book and see if you were right. When a character is a similar age you I feel like you can connect to them like it was happening to you in your own life and what you would want to do.

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Why Do We Read Storys

I think it is important that we read stories because they are fun to read. My old teacher said that you can’t become a better reader if you don’t like what you are reading because you won’t try hard to understand it. If all we read is a textbook we would become not as good of readers because you won’t try to understand. When you first start to learn to read, do you read boring textbooks or fun stories? There are all kinds of stories out there non-fiction, fiction, etc. we can learn from other peoples stories and use it in are everyday lives. I read an article about docters are using reading and writing is making people get over mental sicknesses.

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Best book I have ever read

The best book I have ever read is Michael Vey. It is about this kid from Meridian High school in Idaho, he know that he is special, he has the power to shock people, later meets a girl named Taylor Ridley can reboot brains which makes you loose focus or forget things. They are special because they were born using this machine called to EMT which killed thousands of babies and they are only 17 kids that have survived and they all have special powers. Michael and Taylor are taken from there family by the elgen, they are the inventors of the EMT and they want to find out how they can make there machine better so everyone has special powers. Related image