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Today I am feeling very happy and excited because I order a new baseball bat! On Saturday I went to a Louisville Slugger and Demarini bat demo and I got to hit all of the new baseball bats for 2019. I was hitting this bat and I just loved it but the only problem was it was $500 dollars and my parents wouldn’t spend more than $400, so I had to get a different one. We then finished the bat demo and they gave us a coupon for 20% off which meant the bat I originally wanted would be $400 dollars so I could get it! The coupon didn’t start until the next day, we got on the website in the morning it started and they were sold out, so I was super sad. Today I had a little time before school and checked one last time to see if it was back in stock and it was I couldn’t believe my eyes it was back in stock for $400. So now I have a new bat that is coming next week!

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