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The Corona virus started in china, and in my opinion they experiment with things too much and it leads to disease. Not only are they pros at spreading diseases they are also a major country in world trade. This trading has caused a lot of problems between China and the U.S.  Not only that but with this it has caused a lot of collateral for a lot of different types of research and other types of funding.

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population- 1.4 billion

Capital is Beijing – 21.5 million

Shanghai- The Bund, Yu Garden

Main language- Mandarin

.7% of population is in poverty. The main religions in China are Buddhism, Chinese folklore, Taoism and Confucianism among many others.

1911: The End of the Empire. New world philosophers, socialists, feminists and constitutional monarchists all argued over China’s future. Terminally rocked by the Boxer Rebellion, the Qing empire fell in 1911 and China became a republic.

Final response

Wolf by Wolf is probably one of the best books I’ve read this year! It’s a straight forward story that isn’t too difficult to keep up with. I recommend it to everyone 10 and up. It’s extremely fascinating to think of all that was possible too!

Book Club Response 2

We have made a lot of progress since the last time but now Yael is a lot closer to  killing Hitler. That is up to where I’m at because I’m a little behind my partners. This book is based in the time of world war 2 when Germany had lots of problems with the Jews. I found that this time of history is one of the most deadly times ever. I found this information after like an hour of searching on .

Book Club Response 1

In the book Wolf by Wolf,  by Ryan Graudin, Yael the main character is chosen as a young child to go through experiments to make almost like a super soldier. With the abilities that you gain you are able to change your appearance. She has made it through all of the testing and now she is mastering her skills. With this ability she joins the race called the Axis tour. The winner of the Axis tour gets to go to a ball where Hitler will attend, it is there where Yael will hopefully kill Hitler.

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