Love Moderately

I think Friar Lawrence has a lot of wisdom in his words. He explains to ‘love moderately’ and I believe that is a warning to Rome and Jules. He is trying to say that relationships never end well when love is taken to the extreme. When he says ‘the sweetest honey is loathsome’, I think he means too much of a good thing is bad. When things are taken too far, and love becomes too violent, bad things happen and, Lawrence says it always ends in a painful way. When love is moderate and careful, it lasts forever, and relationships thrive. Romeo and Juliet are not very good at loving moderately. They get married the day after they meet. That’s a little intense. And the way Romeo speaks to her and loves her is kinda creepy to me. I think Juliet is almost the same way when it comes to love. They need to learn to resist their temptations a little so they don’t do something that can ruin their life (maybe not kill themselves?). And they should probably get to know each other before they think they will love until they die.

4 thoughts on “Love Moderately”

  1. I agree they were not very good at loving moderately. And tbh I think Romeo is sweet but i can see where the creepy comes in.

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