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Love Moderately

I think Friar Lawrence has a lot of wisdom in his words. He explains to ‘love moderately’ and I believe that is a warning to Rome and Jules. He is trying to say that relationships never end well when love is taken to the extreme. When he says ‘the sweetest honey is loathsome’, I think he means too much of a good thing is bad. When things are taken too far, and love becomes too violent, bad things happen and, Lawrence says it always ends in a painful way. When love is moderate and careful, it lasts forever, and relationships thrive. Romeo and Juliet are not very good at loving moderately. They get married the day after they meet. That’s a little intense. And the way Romeo speaks to her and loves her is kinda creepy to me. I think Juliet is almost the same way when it comes to love. They need to learn to resist their temptations a little so they don’t do something that can ruin their life (maybe not kill themselves?). And they should probably get to know each other before they think they will love until they die.



So many people hate each other in this world. And a lot of the time, people hate a group of people, even if they don’t know them. Especially when it comes to religion or beliefs. I think this happens when someone refuses to understand another person, or they define them based on their worst actions. This hinders them from seeing their virtue or dignity, or whatever good trait they possess. Everybody makes mistakes (everybody has those days), but no one wants to be defined by their worst mistakes and failures. Also if you were born into a rival, like Romeo and Juliet, it seems natural to hate your components because your parents haven’t ever taught you otherwise. Another big cause for hatred could be differences. If someone lives their life different than you, it seems like they are wrong and sometimes leads you to hate them. I believe that if we gain more tolerance for one another, and appreciate variety in the human race, there would be a lot less hatred in the world and people could actually understand each other and look past their conflicts together.

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

There have been many debates on the topic of Shakespeare and why he is still being taught in schools today. His language is very ‘ancient’ and people don’t understand how his literature is so valuable to some teachers. It’s very difficult to understand his writing, especially as young students, but is there a benefit? The answer is yes. In the article we read in class that was pro-Shakespeare (I don’t remember the author or title) it seemed very evident that the pros outweighed the cons. The teacher who loved Shakespeare was slamming Mrs Dusbiber so hard. He made points like Shakespeare is helpful for students to learn socially and emotionally, because his plays are about emotions and events that humans go through.  He also explained how it expands the students ability to learn and analyze, like any challenge that is given to them. Obviously Shakespeare is hard, and I don’t enjoy the difficult language, but I find his work very fascinating and I’m excited to read Romeo and Juliet.

What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

I think that climbing into other’s skin is a hard thing to do, but also very rewarding when we try to understand people. Sometimes it’s hard to see someone as they truly are, especially if they are timid or shy.  But everyone has a story and I think it’s beneficial to hear their story and try to understand them, even if you don’t really like them. So many kids these days are getting depressed or anxious because of things in their life that hinder them from being truly happy. But because we are not understanding towards one another, we use disrespectful behavior towards each other. This causes bullying, and I hate how it works this way but it happens all the time in Junior High. I think it’s hard to understand someone and treat them with kindness when they are so bitter because of something that happened at home. And that’s probably what I do at this school and I think we can all work on being more understanding, empathetic and kind.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I have learned quite a lot this year. Definitely more than I have learned in any English class in the past. I have learned how to properly structure a paragraph and make my language more clear and straightforward. I have learned how to take any topic, whether I like it or not, and turn it into my own writing. But I still struggle with that and I think I have room to improve on writing on any topic. I honestly can’t remember my goals from the beginning of the year, but I believe I have come pretty close to achieving them or at least trying my best to work at them. I think I have trained my inner voice pretty well, because I can understand complex text better and make connections and stuff like that, but sometimes I struggle to absorb every last sentence in a book and think about what it means. I think I can do better with trying to understand unfamiliar words and using techniques to clear up my confusion. I know that I still have lots to learn but I feel like I’ve made great improvements this year and I’m excited for what the rest of the year has to offer.

What Makes a Person Great?

I like the poem we talked about today. Some of the most important attributes it lists is: stay patient and humble, don’t get upset when others turn against you, turn your dreams into a reality, never give up or lose hope, stay strong, keep your standards high, and treat everyone with the same respect. When you acquire these characteristics, then you will be a man, says author Rudyard Kipling. I think a general attribute that covers almost all of the ones mentioned in the poem is courage. You can’t be kind without courage. You can’t be strong without courage. You can’t be persistent without courage. And when we learn to be courageous we can be happy, have more success and get more out of life.

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

To Kill a Mockingbird is about life in the South (1940s) and a certain possible story that seemed to repeat itself during this time in history. Blacks were always persecuted and looked down upon, no matter their character. This story is about two children, Jem and Scout, raised by their single father, Atticus. Atticus teaches them good philosophies that make the children different from normal people in their community. He is a lawyer who is called to defend a black man for rape. He struggles to believe they will win the case but stays courageous as he defends an innocent man. I like the messages in the book but sometimes the plot would get complicated. Like their is a random shady dude named Boo and for some reason he is an important character but I don’t know why. The book just seems hard to grasp by myself and I would like it better if it was written more modernly. I think this book could live up to its reputation, but it seems that only adults and people with complicated minds love it more than they love ice cream.

The film seemed strangely similar to the book. It was almost exactly how I visualized it so it was nice to see onscreen. I think it was a little awkward in some moments, but that may be because it was created in the 60s or 70s, so I would be interested in how Hollywood could recreate it today. It didn’t have Aunt Alexandra and I think she’s an important character. I also wished to have seen more of a different approach or perspective to the story because it was almost exactly like the book and I wanted something different. I would recommend this to anyone who has patience to watch a kinda anticlimatic movie and wants to see how the book plays out in real life.

Good Stuff

“Tellin’ the truth’s not cynical is it?” — “The way you tell it, it is” (p. 244). This is a conversation between Dill and Aunt Alexandra. Dill was explaining the things his Aunt Rachel does (that he doesn’t like) and Alexandra made it sound like he was being rude. This kind of controversy happens all the time in this world. A child’s innocent, truthful words can sound like hateful words when someone shoots it down, like Alexandra. She seems to disapprove of everything the kids do and there are some adults out there who do the same. I feel like so many times we can’t do anything right for parents/teachers/leaders etc. And for some people everything that comes out of my mouth is wrong. When adults (or even peers) accuse me of doing something I didn’t intentionally do, just because they assume, I get really frustrated and feel victimized. This is probably how Dill feels in this circumstance. He feels like he didn’t have the chance to explain himself and Alexandra wasn’t taking the time to understand his view. This is a very relatable topic and that’s why I picked it, but it also seems to happen a lot in the book. I think there might be a pattern of this, when someone doesn’t fully understand the perspective of another before criticizing them.

An Authority on Courage – Diana Prince of the Amazons

I had a decision to make. Let the world crumble or fight. But in my mind I had only one option and that was to fight. I didn’t know how I could help or how long I would live but I knew that I needed to stop what was going on in the world. I didn’t let anyone tell me what to do or stop my efforts to fight for what I believed in. Persistence was my only hope. And that’s what helped me stop the war. You need to stay with it. No matter what, don’t give up. And your heart will know what to do in a situation that seems inescapable. Some decisions you will make may be difficult but you need to follow your instincts. I love this theme song that’s playing in the background WONDER WOMAN courage is my middle name words words words I killed Aries you can do anything you set your mind to words words words stunts stunts.

Real Courage

Atticus is saying that courage is when you do something that might not work out but you still pursue it. When you try your hardest, even if you don’t succeed. Having the strength to fight even if you fall is being courageous. He is teaching Jem that even though he didn’t want to read to Mrs Dubose, he still did it and he learned a lot from it, especially how to have the courage to do what’s right. He put forth his best efforts and that’s all that matters, even if the reading didn’t benefit anyone. This is similar to my own beliefs of courage because I know that it’s having integrity and the desire to do what’s right, even if you are doing it alone. Never giving up and working towards your goal, even if you don’t reach it. Persistence and the ability to do what’s right is true courage.