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October 2018

How did I do last term

My successes where that I would always try to do my best and if I was confused on something then I would get and make sure that I understood what I was doing before I moved on. I did struggle… Continue Reading →

The power of words

What is the power of words? The power of words help create emotions and feeling for you to understand. The Author use different words to make you as reader as feel emotion. The know just what to say and how… Continue Reading →

What kind of writer am i?

What kind of writer am I? I think that my strengths as a writer are that I am good at giving suspense and descriptive writing. I find it very easy to describe things. I do have a hard time getting… Continue Reading →

How I felt about the first story

I read the story They’re mad out of meat, By Terry Bisson I thought it was interesting that it was from a a non-human character that was talking about humans as “meat”. I like that it put us out of… Continue Reading →

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