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November 2018

The story I read was about two girls who go to mars for a field trip to mars for science class and then when they find them selves stuck on mars because of some wires that had been cut. They… Continue Reading →

1% Gain

What I would do to improve 1% of my life it would be to study just a little longer for future test. I would do this by instead of saying 30 min of study time, I would say 33 minutes… Continue Reading →

Tell me about it

You know all I want right know is for it to be thanksgiving break I am so ready to just relax and not worry about anything  for like three days. I only wish the break was longer…much longer. I also… Continue Reading →

What I am reading

I am reading “The sun is also a star by Nicola Yoon.” I chose this book because it was written by the same author of my favorite book  “Everything, Everything” So far it has Met up to my expectations the… Continue Reading →

Who am I as a reader

I think that I am a type of reader that looks for clue and hints the are  in a story. I try and find more in a story and try to think of what the author want to get out… Continue Reading →

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