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February 2019

Good stuff from to kill a mocking bird

“It’s not time to worry yet,” Atticus reassured him(243). This line is used multiple times throughout the book and I think that this has a big meaning in this book. It is always said when something drastic is happening and… Continue Reading →

Authority On Courage and Integrity

The person I chose to do this on was my mom because she always seems to have good advice and so I think she would say something like this.  It can be hard to do the right thing but in… Continue Reading →

Blind spots

In the book to kill a mocking bird Atticus says that Mr. Cunningham is a good man who has blind spots. I think that all Atticus is trying to say is that he has his own way of doing things… Continue Reading →

What went wrong with the sub

we had a sub on Monday and she was very nice and easy going. I think that our class was not on the best behavior and not listening very well but I feel like it was a two way street… Continue Reading →

Real Courage

What is real courage? In the book To kill a mocking bird it talks about real courage I think that real courage varies it can go from going and talking to someone new to saving some one from a fire…. Continue Reading →

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