Kambry Williams



May 2019

I’m a big kid now

I have had such a great school year this year. I have made many new friends and gained a lot more knowledge. I think that I have grown as person I came out of my bubble a little bit and… Continue Reading →


Everyone has their secrets but secrets are not good in a way secrets are lies or they lead to lies and they can hurt others easily. Everyone is scared to tell secrets because they may nut trust many people and… Continue Reading →

Love Moderately

I think that Friar Lawrence was giving great advice to them. They are just teens who need to chill out a little its not always go big or go home. Love Moderately was a great way to say it with… Continue Reading →


Everyone hates something or unfortunately someone. We all have our reasons on why maybe they said something about you that hurt your feelings or maybe they did something to a loved one but are they really good reason? To some… Continue Reading →

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