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Authority On Courage and Integrity

The person I chose to do this on was my mom because she always seems to have good advice and so I think she would say something like this.  It can be hard to do the right thing but in… Continue Reading →

Blind spots

In the book to kill a mocking bird Atticus says that Mr. Cunningham is a good man who has blind spots. I think that all Atticus is trying to say is that he has his own way of doing things… Continue Reading →

What went wrong with the sub

we had a sub on Monday and she was very nice and easy going. I think that our class was not on the best behavior and not listening very well but I feel like it was a two way street… Continue Reading →

Real Courage

What is real courage? In the book To kill a mocking bird it talks about real courage I think that real courage varies it can go from going and talking to someone new to saving some one from a fire…. Continue Reading →


In the book to kill a mockingbird it says  Scout asks, “Atticus, are we going to win it?” and Atticus answers, “No, honey,” and then explains, “Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for… Continue Reading →

Climbing into another persons skin

What does climbing into another persons skin mean. I think this means that you have to understand where they are coming from and think about what is going on in there lives. I think that this little quote from To… Continue Reading →

Beliefs and Actions

Beliefs are what get you threw everyday little things. Beliefs are very important because they cause you to take action and use what you think to do good, unfortunately not everyone has good beliefs but most do have good intentions…. Continue Reading →

The story I read was about two girls who go to mars for a field trip to mars for science class and then when they find them selves stuck on mars because of some wires that had been cut. They… Continue Reading →

1% Gain

What I would do to improve 1% of my life it would be to study just a little longer for future test. I would do this by instead of saying 30 min of study time, I would say 33 minutes… Continue Reading →

Tell me about it

You know all I want right know is for it to be thanksgiving break I am so ready to just relax and not worry about anything  for like three days. I only wish the break was longer…much longer. I also… Continue Reading →

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