My Favorite Things

For sure my first favorite things are airplanes! I love flying airplanes (Yes I have flown one), I love traveling in airplanes, I just love-

looking at them! The whole process of setting up flights and talking to Air Traffic Control and watching out for other planes while trying to fly just really makes the whole experience awesome. 

Another one of my favorite things is technology!  I love all tech that I can use. If you get the new iPhone or Samsung. I would die to use it. I also enjoy doing Graphic Design using the Adobe Products on computers. I like to share stuff between friends. Another big benefit of tech is that no matter where you are at, you can contact friends and play games with them and what not.

Another favorite thing of mine is travel. Whether its going to Salt Lake City for the day or on a fishing trip in the middle of the ocean in Alaska or a beach trip in California, I am always down to hop on a plane and go somewhere. My favorite trip by far is a beach trip! I love the good weather, sand, and the water!


So my family isn’t into the whole traditions thing, or being around for Christmas. We’d rather be on a beach or at Disneyland enjoying the warm weather. So a new (and the only) tradition is to go somewhere for Christmas that is warm. We’ve done it a few times and I think that it is way better than getting presents. Who doesn’t like warm weather, beaches, and good food!

So since my parents are divorced, this year I get to spend December 19th until Christmas Day at my Dads. Then Christmas day until we come back to school with my Mom, and it switches every year. So next Christmas break my mom has me on the first part of Christmas break. So at both houses I want to sleep in and drink warm drinks and play in the snow.

Some goals of mine for the New Year (2019) is that I want to go to a new State or Country. I want to fly at least twice on a plane. Go to California again. And lose some weight! I also want to have an awesome summer now that we have a boat. So I would love to go to Lake Powell and learn how to drive our boat. I also want to learn how to wake board and wake surf. Overall I want 2019 to be the best year yet!

Metacognition of Term 1

Metacognition means: Awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.

My term one went really smooth. I have a 3.9 GPA and I didn’t really have to try to grades. I also made it through the entire term without any missing assignments or any problems with turning in assignments at all. I did not have a trouble reading, math, and science. It seemed that reading is getting easier but I am trying to challenge myself into reading and listening to more difficult topics and stories that have bigger and more complex things to understand. My current Lexile score is a 1247, and I hope to improve it even more. I think that my biggest accomplishment this year is staying on top of all my work while keeping almost straight A’s this entire term. Having no missing assignments all term is an awesome feeling.


This fall break I happened to draw out on my first deer tag. I am super excited to go and hopefully take my first deer. It is also fun to go camping and hang out with family. For Thanksgiving Break I would like to go to my Grandma’s house in St. George while it is cold up here and still warm there. For Christmas I am looking forward to the time off from school to reset and get ready for the next year. I love Christmas and New Years and being able to go do Winter stuff and just have the time off. Most of the time these past few years however, we pack up our bags and go to California instead of doing presents because who doesn’t like vacation instead of presents. And who doesn’t like the beach instead of snow.


In term 2 I would like to hit my goal and get a 4.0, I have only had 3.9’s since 7th Grade and I just finally want to hit that goal of a 4.0. I know it is difficult and takes work. But this term I was so close I feel like it is well in reach for me and I will do everything I can to get it. I want to really improve in Math. Math isn’t hard for me but I know I can get better at it. Also if I could bump my reading score up to at least a 1300 that would be sweet.

Declare My Term One Book

My term one book is: Percy Jackson Series, The Lightning Thief.

I chose this book because I have liked the series, but have never made it to the end of the series, and I want to do that this time!

Amazon says that this book is for ages 10-14 years of age. It is a fiction book.

Here is the Amazon Link

The front cover of my book looks like:

The author of my book: Rick Riordan

Hello world!

Hi, my name is Kash Anderson. I love aviation, I have even flown a plane! I love everything about aviation! I also love to travel to new places as well as other places that I have been many many times. My favorite thing to do on vacation is go to the beach and eat good food as well as drink good drinks!!! I also love to go boating, camping, and hiking.