Blog #3 Matched

I have decided to read the Matched Series. I have heard they are good and really interesting and I hadn’t found anything that was as intriguing as these were. I haven’t started any, but I plan to start reading the first book this weekend and hopefully go from there.

Blog #2 (Steelheart’s Back Story)

Steelheart was born to his parents in Chicago. He was loved but had a very different upbringing than any other normal kid. His parents loved him but didn’t exactly know how to show it. They worked hard for their money but they also loved to party and with a kid it can be kind of hard to do that. They owned a small business that was quite successful, for the time being. As Steelheart grew up he would learn to work for his parents, he had great memories with them but he also saw some really dark times with them. His father started to gamble the family money away taking a lot of the business along with it. His mother couldn’t handle it anymore so she took what little savings she had and packed up and left one day saying goodbye to Steelheart and leaving him to tell his father about where she had gone.

His father had gone to gamble that day and Steelheart was busy running the business. He worked hard but today was harder than usual. Steelheart caught himself wiping away tears, he often found himself thinking about his mother and how his dad was going to react. At this point his father was a rage alcoholic and was a very intense man. He heard a ring on the door bell, his stomach sunk to his feet when he realized it was his father that had just walked through the door.

“Steelheart!” “Steelheart!” “Where are you son?”

Steelheart wiping away his tears and clearing his throat responded with a shaky voice saying “Back here just restocking everything.” He heard his father’s foot steps getting closer and closer.

“Son guess what?”

“What dad?”

“I just won!!!!” “I just won it all.” “We are rich.” “Now where is mother? I have to tell her right away, she will be thrilled.”

Steelheart felt his throat getting tighter and tighter. He cleared his throat. “Dad I hav…”

Just than a customer came in, “Just tell our mother I have some good news and to come find me soon.”

Steelheart shook his head willingly. His dad turned around to help the customer. Steelheart finished his work and than headed out for some fresh air.

Steelheart did his work in the mornings and than went out to find his pals. This is why he loved the summer time. The air was fresh and clean and the days were perfect for playing ball. He hated winter because that meant work in the early mornings, school, more work and hardly any playing time. His parents expected a lot of him and he had no intentions of letting them down or getting in trouble.

It was around 8 and he knew his dad would be home soon. He had the house all clean and dinner ready like mom always did. He was beginning to get the same feeling where his stomach was sinking into his shoes, this time was worse because he knew he had to tell his dad. His dad came through the door with an elated smile on his face ready to tell Ruby the great news.

“Ruby! Steelheart!” Where are you guys?” Steelheart stepped out from behind the kitchen wall with a blank look across his face.

“Steelheart where is your mother?” “I can smell dinner she must be here.” He started to yell through the house, “Ruby?” He ran up the stairs taking 2 at a time. Steelheart could hear him running from room to room than finally coming down the stairs slowly. When he turned and faced Steelheart his smile had faded and he knew something was wrong.

“Steelheart where is your mother?” Steelheart was getting ready to speck. But his dad didn’t give him enough time before intensify his voice “Steelheart where is your mother?” The next he yelled, “STEELHEART WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER?”

Steelheart whimpered back, “She left, I’m sorry, She left.”

“Well where did she go?” “Did she go with her girlfriends on a get away?” “Did she go visit your grandmother?” “When will she be back?”

Steelheart choking back his tears replied “She is not coming back, she is gone.” Letting one tear slip down his face.

His father was silent, Steelheart didn’t know what to do. His father put his coat back on and left slamming the door on the way out.

Steelheart burst into tears. He ate his dinner. Made a plate for his father and cleaned the kitchen. He dragged his feet up the stairs and to his bed. He laid there and the next thing he knew it was morning. He realized he must have cried himself to sleep. He got up to look for his dad but his dad was nowhere to be found. So he got ready and headed straight for the store. He opened up, made sure everything was up and running. He was busy all day but one thought kept running through his head. “Me and dad have each other, we are gonna be okay.” By the end of the day, Steelheart was exhausted, he closed up and headed home.

When he got home his dad was there and was clearly drunk and was only adding to it. Steelheart made dinner. Him and his father sat down to eat dinner. He was starting to make small talk and then decided to say the thought that had been running in his brain like a hamster on a wheel all day.

“Dad at least we have each other. I think we are going to be okay.”

His dad slammed his fork down and slowly looked up at Steelheart. Steelheart was now regreating saying anything at all.

“Steelheart stand up and come him.” His father stood up and got a stool, “stand on this Steelheart.” “Now I want you to jump to me and I will catch you, I promise.” Steelheart was confused but did as he was told. Steelheart climbed up on the chair and jumped. Only to find his dad stepping back and catching himself on the floor.

Steelheart got up and yelled, “Why didn’t you catch me? You promised me.” Steelheart had tears pouring down his face at this point. His father looked at him and said “That will teach you to never trust anyone, not even me. Nobody in this world owes you anything and the sooner you learn that the better off you are. You don’t have me. I am just a person that you work for and live with.”

His father walked away and out the door. Steelheart just sobbed on the kitchen floor.

From that day forward Steelheart lived in the same house as his father and worked the business but would never speak to him again. Every passing day he became more anger and lost feeling for anything or anyone. He no longer felt sad or happy he just felt anger. He didn’t believe anyone should be happy, he had no empathy for anyone. He slowly started to fall away from his friends and live in his own little bubble.

All because of a turn of events that took place within 24 hours of one another, his life was forever changed. He learned to never open his heart or trust anyone ever again.


Blog Post #1

When I was younger and I started to read, I loved books that were about peoples life. I loved to found out how others lived. I loved books about design, clothes, houses, and families. I loved all the Fancy Nancy books, Dr. Seuss, I really loved to read anything. When I read I like to get really comfy, probably in sweats or pj’s. I get in my bed and get all cozy and that normally results in me falling asleep but it’s all about the intentions right? Today I like to read anything that keeps you on the edge of your seat or romances. I love happy endings to story and normally don’t like the book if it leaves you with no ending or an unhappy ending. I like one book at a time other wise I get stories crossed and I feel overwhelmed to complete a lot of books all at once. I honestly don’t read a lot, I am really busy and take on a lot of responsibilities¬† but my goal is to read more and find more books that I like.