Christmas is one of my  favorite holidays……..But then my dad makes us wait upstairs until he is done with his 1 hour shower and then he makes us stay  on the stairs until we don’t blink for the picture. Is Christmas one of your favorite holidays?




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Cinco de Mayo

Some of you probably don’t know what Cinco de Mayo is. It Comes one day A year like all the other holidays but it is one of those really really fun Holidays like Christmas. You should celebrate it soon. If you do know what it is tell me how you celebrate it🎉

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Cute Animals

MY favorite animal is a dog and a bunny and a lot more but I’m not gonna say them. What is your favorite Animals?

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I LOVE Disney land I have only been to Disney land twice.The first time I went to Disney land was when I was 3 There was a lot of fun rides but I was to young to go on any of them the only one I could go on was the winnie the pooh ride.

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My favorite song is memories. What is your favorite song?







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When you comment you got to follow five rules. Rule #1 Compliment in a specific way.

Rule#2 Answer bloggers question or add more info.

Rule#3 Make a connection.

Rule #4 End with a question.

Rule #5 proofread

From, Katelyn

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