I think that people are capable of hating because they are jealous, maybe that person insulted them, or maybe they just heard that someone else hated them so they followed along. I wouldn’t want to say I hate anyone, just certain decisions people have made. People who are ignorant to certain lifestyles, and don’t want to learn about anything. People who insult others because maybe they’re scared of accepting others if they are different. To get past that is not something that can easily happen because it’s around our daily lives, but to do something about it so there is just a bit less of it.

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Should schools still teach shakespeare?

I believe we should teach Shakespeare in school, he is a great writer, but I can understand some of the problems with making him such a big deal. Teachers should include other writers that are female and also different ethnicities. Shakespeare is also hard to read, hard to understand what he’s talking about. So that’s why we should take less time on him and only study a part of his work or have it already in words we can understand. Students need to understand that other people are just as great as Shakespeare, and any gender, any race can be just as great as one of those phenomenal writers.

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What I don’t know about my fellow students.

I’ve learned that people are more than what they play off as in school. just because they act a certain way doesn’t mean that things are great. People can have certain memories, situations they have witnessed that have affected their lives. For example my partner for people of pgjr, her dad played basketball as well has her brother and know she likes playing it. Not everyone knows whats going on in another persons life, but this has taught me and I’m sure others that people aren’t who they are in school. people are so much more, this was a good assignment to do for 9th grade.

Work will work when wishy washy wishing will not

The thing I struggled most on was turning in work when absent.  I didn’t look on google classroom when I was home sick. I accomplished getting a c this term and I want to shoot for getting an a next term and try harder than I am. The steps I can take to get an a would be having good attendance, getting work in if absent, work on things that I may struggle with, and giving it my all. The thing I have done best this year, or the most enjoyable thing would be discussions. For example, the day we all sat in a circle and talked about change and how it related to kill a mockingbird. I have learned more in this English class than any others in the past, because this class is more about learning instead of what your grade is and that has helped me a lot and I’m sure it has helped others also.

What makes a person great?

A great person want’s to be the best they can be. They are caring, loving, and smart. Instead of making people feel bad about not being as smart, they help others and let them learn. They work hard to get where they want to be and don’t give up. A great person is loyal to others, but doesn’t let people walk all over them. A great person can sit with anyone and talk to them like they are people. A great person isn’t full of themselves, they actually want to help other people and see people succeed. They accept people no matter what gender, race, disability. A great person doesn’t care if others don’t like them, but listens to what they are saying.

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“Tellin’ the truth’s not cynical is it?” — “The way you tell it, it is”(244)

I think that the author Harper Lee is trying to say that people will be very critical of the way she’s telling this story, but what she believes is that it’s not wrong to say whats happening in the south, talk about racism. I believe Harper Lee was just trying to say that shes not wrong that she wrote this book even if other people think she is wrong for it, or if they judge her for it. She’s just saying what she wants other people to know.

An authority on courage –

My mother is someone who is an authority on courage. She always looks at the entire situation and thinks of what the outcomes would be. If I had a friend who couldn’t make up their mind, I believe my mom would tell them how they could see their self living both ways and which way they would want to live.  Shes a courageous person because of how she lives, and she would give very good advice to someone needing help, she would take it step by step until its solved and that person can come to a decision. I think she would also ask “If someone else was in this situation what would you tell them to decide?” She would ask them questions and also help to let them choose the right decision.

Real Courage

“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do” Atticus’s way of expressing what courage is something I agree with, usually people define courage as doing something that’s scary, but that’s not just it, courage is doing something when you know you’re in a bad situation, and it might not help, but you do it anyway. This is very similar to what I thought was courage before I read this.

To kill a Mockingbird- so far

I love this book, I know the story already so it’s fun to read again. I like how they show scouts point of view, and how she sees everything. I also like this book because it makes you ask “why did this happen?” for little things. For example, Jem’s pants, they were sewed and folded like they were waiting for him. Why? I love this book because it has meaning for the smallest things. This book is popular so far because its different than many other books, it talks about racism in small ways, the way the author wrote it doesn’t tell you exactly whats happening and why, it makes you think about it.Image result for to a mockingbird

Climbing into other peoples skin

Atticus means to see from their perspective, see what they are going through.  It will help Scout to get along with other people better, because she will have a better understanding of their life. I do this, so I don’t judge before I don’t know what’s going on in their life. It’s helpful, because you can try to help the person if they are in need, it’s also helpful because I understand what they’re going through before I judge them right off the bat. I think Atticus is a very wise person to say that to Scout, so she can see her teachers thoughts about the class and how her first day teaching wasn’t what she thought it was going to be.