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An Authority on Courage and Integrity

I chose my dad. You should chose the right thing even though it may be the hard way, I have always taught you to be strong with your opinions and stand up for what you know is right, many timesĀ … Continue Reading →

Blind Spots

I don’t think that Mr. Cunningham is a good person. He never takes anything from someone that he can’t pay back and his kids are always clean and even though they don’t have shoes he is doing the best he… Continue Reading →

Real courage

I like the definition of courage in To kill a mockingbird is really good I like how he said that real courage doesn’t come from a gun it comes from failing and trying again. My definition of courage is doing… Continue Reading →


He is setting an example that it’s easy to chose the quick wrong than the hard right. Atticus is a perfect example of this, the hard right is making a huge impact on everyone if that’s his family or people… Continue Reading →

Climbing into someone else skin

I think that what Atticus said to Scout was a very important lesson that she needed to hear. I know for curtain that my mom and dad taught me to not judge others no matter what and to always think… Continue Reading →

Beliefs and Actions

I think that its really interesting that we all have our own beliefs and that those beliefs can shape how we react to different situations. It is important to know what we believe because when we are adults and we… Continue Reading →


This term I feel like I did really good! I was working hard and ended this term with all A’s aside from one A- but over all I am really happy about my work and my grades! I still need… Continue Reading →

Objective review of my story

The story I read was not one that I would normally read. It Included a lot of lovey dovey stuff and that not really my type of book at the moment. The story was really stereo typical, like the guy… Continue Reading →

1% Gain

Getting to be earlier, I feel like I used to get to bed at a good time like 9:30 and at latest 10 but recently it has been like 10:30-11. This I feel like effects my whole day, week and… Continue Reading →

Tell me about it

This week was the first week of the volleyball tournaments. I love my team that I was put on and I love how we all try our hardest to win. We have only lost 3 games in all and on… Continue Reading →

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