May 18

Post #4: Legend

The only Legends I can find in Japan are scary ones.

Kuchisake-onna which mean slit-mouthed women.  is a figure appearing in Japanese ghost stories, possibly dating back to the Edo period, She is a woman who was mutilated by her husband, and returns as a malicious spirit. When rumors of alleged sightings began spreading in 1979 around the Nagasaki Prefecture, it spread throughout Japan and caused panic in many towns. There are even reports of schools allowing children to go home only in groups, escorted by teachers for safety, and of police increasing their patrols. Recent sightings include many reports in South Korea in 2004 about a woman wearing a red mask, who was frequently seen chasing children, and in October 2007, a coroner found some old records from the late 1970s about a woman who was chasing little children. She was then hit by a car, and died shortly after. Her mouth was ripped from ear to ear.

According to the legend, she covers her mouth with a cloth mask, a fan, or a scarf.

The woman will ask a potential victim “Am I pretty?” If he answers yes, she will remove her mask and ask him again in a girly voice. If he answers yes or screams, she will slash him from ear to ear so that he resembles her. If he answers no, she will walk away, only to follow her victim home and brutally murder him that night.

To avoid this fate, several people during the Edo period claimed that they gave her confusing answers or threw money or hard candy at her, buying themselves time to run away and lose her

I think the moral of this ghost story and telling people is that lying is wrong. That they shouldn’t do it. but it is a sick way of telling them

May 18

Post #3: News

I did my news on the Japanese tree called a Cherry blossom. In japan Cherry Blossom trees are known as sakura. A little background on the tree, the tree is known for a Buddhist influence, it is know to be in several movies books manga and arts. The tree symbols rich, gracefulness and a acceptance with karma.

In my article is states “For more than 1000 years, emperors, aristocrats, governors and monks have chronicled the flowering of Japan’s famed cherry trees in the city of Kyoto.” Its for 1000 years it is not even a new thing. But our world climate has been changing they have notice it in their trees. they had to change the date of their blooming from April 12 to April 15 which mean our world is getting colder around April 12 when the trees blooms. that really isn’t a good thing.

May 9

Post #2 Background

The Japanese were ready to reject only those aspects of their past that they thought interfered with newly acquired changes. Their objective was the preservation of Japan, and not it’s Westernization. Though they borrowed heavily from western models, and techniques in pursuit of economic prosperity, they specifically safeguarded Japan and preserved its identity. Preservation of centuries-old Japanese art, literature, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, and the careful humanization of the land has given a distinctive quality to the Japanese culture.

Japanese culture contains many similarities to the culture of China, some of which trace back to pre-Christian era, the Japanese assimilated and transformed the Chinese cultural borrowing into a uniquely Japanese mold. Regarding the religious inclinations of the Japanese, Shinto, the indigenous religion, various sects of Buddhism and Christianity together with a number of “new religions” that have emerged since the 19th century coexist in relative peace. Shintoism and related religions claim their adherents of about 40 percent of the population. Practicing Buddhists form another 38 percent and Christians nearly 4 percent.

March 28

Post #1: Why Did I Pick Japan

I picked Japan because it is one of my favorite places to learn about. I just really love the culture, and how women and men aren’t aloud to do the same things some times. One of my favorite movies take place in its called The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, i really love the scenery, it just a really pretty place and very different to learn about so thats why I picked it.