May 18

Post #3: News

I did my news on the Japanese tree called a Cherry blossom. In japan Cherry Blossom trees are known as sakura. A little background on the tree, the tree is known for a Buddhist influence, it is know to be in several movies books manga and arts. The tree symbols rich, gracefulness and a acceptance with karma.

In my article is states “For more than 1000 years, emperors, aristocrats, governors and monks have chronicled the flowering of Japan’s famed cherry trees in the city of Kyoto.” Its for 1000 years it is not even a new thing. But our world climate has been changing they have notice it in their trees. they had to change the date of their blooming from April 12 to April 15 which mean our world is getting colder around April 12 when the trees blooms. that really isn’t a good thing.

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