About Me!

Hi my name is Kati and i’m 14 years old.

I love animals! I have 4 dogs and 1 cat but 3 of the animals aren’t really mine, they’re my brothers then the 2 others are mine! I like to dance but i’m not in a dance class yet.  I could not live without my family and friends, they just make life so much better! I like swimming. My favorite colors are black,white, and light blue. I love to go places I’ve  never gone before. I also have only been in a plan 2 times in my whole life, which was when I went to Florida  and back to home. The best part of my life so far I would have to say was when I went to the Bahamas with my family! It was so much fun to visit all the places, get on my phone, and it was so nice to not have all that stress from school.

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