Money is green

Money is good

Money, money, money

Money is cool


Do you have money?

I hope you do

Money, money, money

Money is cool


Money, dollars,

bucks, or coins

Whatever you call it

It’s still cool


What do think, do you like money?

Comment what you think!


Meteorologists are scientists that study and predict the weather by studying clouds and using many different instruments. You can also predict the weather just by observing the clouds. The clouds you see in the  sky are just water droplets. When water evaporates, it changes to a gas called water vapor. When the vapor cools down, condensation, it turns back to water that stays in the air forming clouds. The text said that clouds aren’t really white, but the sunlight reflecting through them makes them look white or gray.

Have you ever looked up at the clouds and decided they looked like hippos or ducks? Those fluffy clouds are called cumulus clouds. Cumulus clouds usually mean good or fair weather, the kind you want to have a picnic in. Cumulus comes from a word that means “piled,”  look at them and you can see why.

Stratus clouds are another type, they mean rain or snow. Sometimes the precipitation is just a light mist or drizzle. These clouds often look like a blanket across the sky. The word “stratus” means “layer.” Stratus clouds are gray because they are so full of water droplets or ice crystals,  that less light reflects through them. When stratus clouds are low or touching the ground, we call them fog.

Cirrus clouds are very high and thin clouds. They are made of ice crystals. Cirrus comes from a word that means “curl of hair” or “fringe.” All clouds are blown by the wind, but these clouds can be blown up to 150 miles per hour. Have you ever seen clouds move into the wind? This is because the wind blowing them is on their level, an area called the troposphere. The text said that cirrus clouds usually mean that there will be a change in the weather.

These clouds are just the main three types, but there are many other types of clouds that are mixes of these clouds. Each cloud is formed in a different way, depending on what happens in the troposphere. Now you know how to use clouds to predict the weather.

Amendola, Tony. duckcloud.jpg. July 2001. Pics4Learning. 30 Apr 2018

Cats or Dogs



Do you like dogs or cats more, or maybe you like a different type of pet like a bird or a hamster? But whether you like dogs or cats or something else, I think dogs are better pets than cats. For one thing, owners get many benefits from walking their dog. Also,  dogs often make people feel safe and secure. One more reason is, dog owners don’t get sick as much as non-dog owners.

First of all, when walking their dog, owners get many benefits. For example, dog owners meet people when walking their dogs. Also, they get exercise from walking every day. This helps them stay healthy, it’s good for owners and their dog.

Another reason is, dogs often make people feel safe.  Most dogs will bark if there is danger, they can warn their owners, whether it is a fire, intruders or something else. Or people will tell their dogs things they can’t tell anyone else. They are great companions, they are patient and very good listeners. They are very friendly unlike cats.

Finally, studies show that people that own dogs don’t get sick as much as people who don’t have dogs. Also, studies show that, dog owners get better faster than non-dog owners. Owning a dog can make you healthier and less likely to get sick.

There are many different kinds of pets in the world, but if you really want a good pet you should get a dog. They are friendly and help you stay healthy. They do require some responsibility but they are one of the best pets in the world. They might be the pet for you!

, JRahaman. img_4825.jpg. August 19, 2009. Pics4Learning. 23 Mar 2018

Video Games

Most people think that video games have just negative effects, but some actually have good effects on kids. I think that kids should be able to play video games, but only for a limited time. I think that some video games are good depending on what game, but if kids play too much it is bad for them. Games with violence are really bad for kids. Also, some games help kids relax. Other games teach important things.  

Some games teach people important skills, like math or to cooperate with other players. Like team strategy games require you to make a plan and work together. Also, there are lots of math and reading games that really help kids. They teach kids skills that they will need in the future.

Another reason is that, sometimes kids need a break from homework or something frustrating and an easy video game helps them calm down.  Then they can get back to work. Parents should let their kids play video games but only for a certain time of their parents choice, depending on their parents opinion of video games.

As another reason, kids often find video games fun and as a way to pass time if they are bored. But they should still have a break from video games to read or do homework. They should not be able to have unlimited screen time because of the negative effects, like bad grades which often come if they can play any game they want. Especially, if they are violent games.  

Some gamers risk developing ADHD. But some gamers also have improved vision, making them faster at reading. Video games have good and bad effects. Kids should play video games but not all the time.

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Kindness Makes You Happy

Sometimes in life we forget to be kind to others, but I realized that being kind makes you and others happy. Think about it, have you ever heard your parents say ¨Treat people the way you want to be treated”? I realized that it is true. Being kind to others brings happiness to you and others. When you are kind you don’t feel guilt or regret. Everyone is different, we are all our own snowflake so help those who need it most. When you are kind and friendly you make more friends and when you go through hard times, those friends can help you like you helped them.

One reason is, when you’re kind you don’t feel guilty or regret what you did. For example, when you’re mean to someone you often regret it later. Or when you make fun of someone because they made a mistake, look different, or do something different, you often feel guilty. When you say something mean to someone or you insult them, later you realize that you shouldn’t have bullied them.

Another reason is, we are all different, we are all our own self so we need to help those who need it. For example, there is always someone going through hard times and there isn’t always someone to help them.  Every one of us has our own hard times and when you go through yours, you want someone there for you. There won’t be anyone there unless you help others. Often times,  there are groups who leave out someone because they’re different and that’s not fun to go through. When you bully, you push people down. When you’re kind, you pull people up.

Most importantly, people who are nice and friendly make more real friends. For instance, most people become friends when they are nice or help each other.  I met my friends by either me being kind and willing to become friends or they were nice to me. Those friends always make me happy. These friends make me happy because they know me and I know them. That means that they know when I need someone and I know when they need me.

Being kind to others brings the happiness out of life. The more you give, the more you get. The more kindness you show the more you will get. Being kind will always make you and others happy. No matter how hard it is, no matter how bad you feel, it will.



Source: My parents