The Good Stuff

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird Jem talks to Miss Maudie after the trial. “Who?” Jem’s voice rose. “Who in this town did one thing to help Tom Robinson, just who?” Miss Maudie goes on to say the people who helped. She says several different people from around the town, Heck Tate, Judge Taylor, and Tom Robinson’s friends. People around the town had done little things that were hard to spot, but if you were looking closely those people did a lot to help Atticus and Tom Robinson. Judge Taylor put Atticus in charge of the trial, giving Tom Robinson a better chance at winning the trial. Heck Tate tried to help Tom and mentioned to Atticus that he thought that Tom would be killed if he stayed in the jail overnight. All of Tom’s friends helped, after Reverend Sykes asked them for money they put in money to help Tom’s wife so that she could get along without him. The fact of the matter was that Jem only looked at the negative side of things, in life we do this a lot too. There is so much bad sometimes that we can’t see the good that is right in front of us, but if we focus on it instead of the bad we might just realize how much good we have in our lives.

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  1. I wish that the judge and all the white guys that knew Tom was innocent would have tried harder to help him.

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