Love Moderately

Friar Lawrence says to Romeo and Juliet, right before they get married, love moderately. He talks of  honey, and how it can be wonderful, but to much of it can make you sick and over time cause you to dislike it. I think that all of this means, to love, but think through things first, and not to let love be the thing that drives you. I think that this is good advice, it helps you to make better decisions. I don’t think that Romeo and Juliet follow this advice though, knowing how the play ends. Also, so far they haven’t loved moderately. They kissed before they even knew each other’s names, Romeo snuck to Juliet’s house in the middle of the night, and didn’t really return until morning, they got married as soon as they met each other, and all of this happened in about 24 hours. If they really did love moderately, I bet they would have ended the play living happily ever after.

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What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

What I don’t know about my fellow students? Well, I guess, when I think about it, I don’t know very much. I don’t go around asking people what their favorite color is or ask what food they like the best. Honestly, if I did that it might be kind of weird, but still I feel like I don’t know a lot. Through this project, though, I was able to learn more about people, especially the girl I interviewed, who is super awesome and nice. Even in the halls when I would pass the papers I could learn a little bit about someone just through their picture. They might be laughing, or doing a hair flip, or posing for a picture. You could tell if someone was fun, if they didn’t really care what they looked like and you could see the people who really didn’t want their picture to be on it, but consented anyways. It was something that gave the possibility of getting to know people more without having to creep them out by asking their toothbrush color.

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People say all the time that they hate people and can’t stand to be near them. When I ask why they sometimes say that the person did something that was rude to them. Other times they end up saying that the person really annoys them, even if they haven’t stop to get to know them. So what makes you hate them? What is it that about them that rubs you the wrong away? And why is it that you hate them so strongly? I’ve had people I’ve hated; A friend that I feel like has betrayed me, a guy that is rude to one of my friends, and even a little girl with a plastic giraffe. All of the people that I’ve hated, I’ve had a reason to hate. Sometimes I dwell on what they did for a long time and the thought of them makes me angry, other times I just hate them for a week and them let it go, which is how I get over that hared. I forgive the person or sometimes I just don’t care about what they did anymore. I think the most important thing though, is just trying not to hate them in the first place. Get to know the person, talk to the person if they have been rude to you, and even just except that they might be going through something that you don’t know about or understand.

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Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare

I think that Shakespeare should still be taught at school. Even though its not a book that would normally be a Jr. High kid’s choice for the book they want to read, I think that it will still be interesting and that we will learn new things. Its good to read books that speak in Old English, it pushes you and cause some more thought to go into it. It also good to change up the type of writing that you read so that you get a variety of books and it could help the way you look at things. I know that some of Shakespeare’s plays can be a bit brutal, but it will be interesting to read, and will keep me engaged. Some teachers think that there is no use for Shakespeare anymore; he has been dead for 402 years. Some people think that its rude to some of their students that aren’t white to make them read it. I think that it doesn’t matter what he looked like or how dead he is, it depends on the stories and the things he wrote. I think that since Shakespeare had good stories and they add learning experiences we should read his plays.

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I think that I have done pretty well this year, but there are a few things I haven’t done. At the beginning of the year I made a goal to not procrastinate…that didn’t really work out. I am probably the best procrastinator there is, I know how to put things off til the last second, still get it done, and end up getting an A on it, but its stressful and tiring. At the beginning of the year I totally thought I was going to change. “This is my year, I’m not going to procrastinate, I’m gonna get all my work done, and then I will just have free time ’cause I did all of my work.” I’ve never procrastinated worse. I really hope that I can still achieve my goal by the end of the year though. There is still time. And while I’m working on that I can also work on being able to have smooth writing, where it all just sounds good together. I’ve got til the end of May, lets see if I can do  it.

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The book To Kill a Mockingbird-so far

I think that the book is just okay. Its not super interesting yet and has some interesting things about it. Before we started reading the book Mr. Green mentioned that the author, Harper Lee, got sidetracked a lot. That was completely true. Its one of the things I do not like about the book, I find it distracting and makes the book tiresome. Another thing that he mentioned was that the book had a lot of dry southern humor. Half of the humor used I don’t get and sometimes I don’t understand it’s supposed to be a joke, but hey, maybe if I was from the south I would like it. I like how the book is narrated by Scout when she’s older, it makes it more interesting and more like a story. I like how curious the kids are sometimes, but I don’t get why they obsess about Boo Radley. Its fun to read about though!

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To Kill a Mockingbird


In the book To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus tells Jem to never shoot a mockingbird. All mockingbirds do is sing their music for us, they are innocent, to kill them would be a sin. The book has two major focus points about it, one being Boo Radley and the other being the trial of a black man. The whole book is symbolism, it completes the metaphor about the mockingbirds and teaches morals about life. When the book first starts it almost sounds as if the author chose the most random thing possible to get the readers attention. As the book progresses though you realize that it talks about part of the story towards the end. The plot of the book starts easy enough, but after reading farther you see that it is very complicated. The whole book has symbolism and metaphors all over the place that cause you to think about what they mean. This book has been used in the classroom for a long time. Some have mentioned that this book is old and that we shouldn’t use it any more, but it teaches so much and is relevant to everyday life. The author sometimes gets off topic, but other than that I thought the book was very good and that others should use it.


I think that the film of To Kill a Mockingbird is okay. It portrays the book pretty well and the characters were well chosen. I don’t like how the movie cuts out and changes things. I think that they should have kept it a little closer to the book. I do understand, however, that everything in the book can’t be put into a short movie. I’m not sure whether or not they had the choice, because I don’t know when the movie was made, but I love how it’s in black and white. I think that it was a good idea to have it like that because the book is set in the 1930’s. Even though I liked the book a lot better, the movie was well done.

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What Makes a Person Great?

I think a good person is a person who is kind to others, who works hard, who values life, and speaks honestly. In the poem by Rudyard Kipling he names some other things that make a good person. If people are blaming you keep a level head and stay calm. If people doubt you let them doubt, trust yourself. If you win or loose, but still are the same. We should all aspire to live up to these standards and always do what is right. If we don’t we might end up being a horrible person or, at least, less than we want to be. I think another important thing that is not commonly said is that we should remember that you and everyone around you are the same. We are all humans who have trials and detour signs in our life, sometimes we forget that. When people around you are struggling we should always try to have empathy and do our  best to help them. That’s what a great person would do.

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An Authority on Courage – Kendra Sorenson

I’ve made some tough decisions in my life, some that could possibly kill me and my family. When it was only me, with no one there to help tell me what to do, I listen to my brain, my heart, and my gut. Some things were a bit impulsive and others were ones I thought about long and hard. There were so many times that I thought I messed up, and thought my family was going to suffer because of me, but I took charge and tried to get through even though I wanted to give up. You might come to some hard points in your life where you have to make a big choice, but that’s how life is supposed to be. If we never had hard times we could never grow. So treasure the hard decisions, and when you don’t know what to do and you’ve thought long and hard about it, do what you know is right, forget your brain and go with your heart.

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Real Courage

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird Jem reads to Mrs. Dubose, the lady that he hates because of all the things she says to him. After chopping off all of the heads of her flowers reading to her is his punishment. When he reads he is constantly being corrected for his grammar, or a word pronunciation. He reads to her everyday for a month and a week with the same thing happening over  and over again. He reads, he is corrected, he reads some more, and then he leaves. When Jem finally finishes Atticus tells him that he had real courage. Jem was able to read to the lady that he not only hated, but also feared, and he did so for a long time. His was what helped him get through and even helped him stand up for Scout once. Without courage everybody in life would be too scared to try something new. People would live their days the same way with no adventure, or pleasure, or fun. We all need courage to stand for what is right and be able to live life to the fullest.

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