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The setting in my book, The skeleton tree, is probably set in 2016 judging upon the stuff they have like cars, airplanes, speed boats, etc.

The climate there on the island is cold during the day and night because of all the trees blocking the sun, other wise it is warm during the day.

There are a bunch of trees and cliffs on the island that they crash into, they also find a lot of skeletons.

I think this is a very sad situation for the people in the story because they are stuck on a dark scary island away from there family and there uncle dies and they kids that have to survive hate each other.

declaring my book

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Iain Lawrence is the author of the book, The Skeleton Tree. I heard about this book from a friend of mine, he said that this book is a survival story and that if i liked the book Hatchet i would like this book. I tried to get the book from the library but i never could get there in time.

The author, Iaian Lawrence is 62 years old and was born in February 25, 1955, he lived in a place called gabriola island, which is just a small little island. he likes to fish and help out others by doing work. he does not have children and he moves a lot. the things I learned about the author Iain Lawrence is that he is a best selling author. He usually likes to wright books about adventure.

The book, The Skeleton Tree was written in about 2016. I think that it does not make an impact at what year the book was written  because there is not much of a difference between 2017 and 2016.

The skeleton tree is a fiction book I like this book because it is full of adventure and I think that other people will like it for the same reason. the intended audience is 6-8 is the link. I know that this is the right reading level because the author uses bigger and harder words and the book is 290.

Parent teacher conefrence

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               Dear mom and dad, during my reading time in class i read for 20 minutes, during those 20 minutes i read The Skeleton Tree, i read 100% of the time during those 20 minutes because i really like the book. If i want to finish my book in time i will have to read 11 pages a day.

              During class i am often quit and not a distraction to those around me, i do my work as good as a can when i can and feel like i do a good job

             I have a bad grade in this class because i was gone for the week and i got behind, but i´m doing what i can catch up.this is the book that i´m reading in class.

my favorite book

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I like this book because the author was so creative and the character Brian is very smart, It was a very good idea  and it had a survival thriller kind of feel. The book is about 192 pages long, and it is a realistic fiction book. I think that a ton of people would love this book because it is very exiting and it is very well laid out. the book is a great one and i think that you would enjoy it.

Hello world!

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