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Ryan Reynolds acting as Thomas

“the boy scanned him up and down. I’d say you’re sixteen.”

“in case you were wondering, five foot nine…”

“brown hair. oh and ugly as a fried liver on a stick.”

i would cast Ryan because he looks like he could play the part of Thomas. i always imagined him to look like that. and i heard that he is a good actor.

Zac Efron acting as Newt

“his hair was blond and cut long.”

“Veins stuck out of his muscled arms.”

“Newt was taller than Alby too, but looked to be a year or so younger.”

I would cast Zac because he looks the kind of guy that would go crazy. He seems to know what he’s doing. And he has a long history of acting.

Image result for asian male actorsKeni Styles acting as Minho

“an Asian kid with strong arms and short black hair.”

“who looked a little older than Thomas.”

“skin covered in sweat, wet clothes.”

i would cast Keni Styles because i always imagined Minho to look like that. he looks like he can play the part. he also matches the description of Minho in the book.


i would cast because she looks like how i imagined Brenda to look like. she is Hispanic like it describes in the book. and she looks like she can play the part.

Anne Hathaway acting as Teresa

“she was thin, but not to small.”

“maybe five and a half feet tall from what he could tell.”

“she looked like she could be fifteen or sixteen years old, and her hair was tar black.”

i would cast Anne Hathaway because she matches the description in the book. i would also cast here because she looks independent like Teresa. and lastly because she looks young enough.

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