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How i will dominate during term 4

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I think the thing i did best last term was my reading assignments and my blog posts, i feel like i did good at getting them in on time and passing them off. One thing that i didn’t do very well was turning all my assignments on time. This term my main goal is to get an A, that means turning in all my work on time, doing my homework, and staying organized. Something i want to be good at before i get into high school is turning in my work on time and understanding the assignments we are working on.

literature review

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The story i’m reviewing is about two boy’s named Josh and Jason who get kidnapped and try to escape. I thought this was an interesting story but there were some things that could be better. For example i think that the story should’ve started with the back round instead of going back to it in the middle of the story so that you understand what happened. Although there was some things that could be fixed there were also some things that i liked. One of the things i liked was the suspense for when they were going to escape. over all i think that this was an okay story but it could be improved.

How i felt about my story

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Over all, I thought that the story I read, “The Veldt” was pretty good. There was one thing that was really weird and kind of confusing to me. Like how where the kids so addicted to the nursery that they killed their parents when they tried to take it away from them? Anyways the thing that I am most exited about sharing with my group is what the meaning of the story was. I think the story was about how bad addiction can get and to try not to get addicted to anything. The thing I liked most about the story was how creative the author was. I thought that it was really cool that he could imagine living in a world that advanced.



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The book i chose for my book report is The Death Cure by James Dashner. It takes place in a city called Denver, they escaped a place called Wicked which is a group of people who where taking unwilling people and doing very dangerous tests on them to find a cure for something called flare which is a very deadly disease but the people they take are immune and thats why they run tests on them. When they escaped wicked had a chip that controlled them and in Denver there was a doctor who could remove the chip and that is why they went there.

The book probably took place sometime in the future judging by the futuristic tools and vehicles they use and/or mention. The main thing that effects the book the most is the flare sense it is so deadly and can spread very rapidly and may destroy all human life on earth. another thing that effects the book a ton is wicked because of the cruel things they put people through to find a cure that may never exist and these cruel things include driving a person mad and sometimes death.

The setting can change Thomas because the flare kills his friends that are not immune and that makes him very mad. wicked effects him because they run very deadly tests and they kill his friends for them trying to find a cure that he believes doesn’t even exist.


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I feel like the reading test went well and that it shows that i am a good reader. Reading to me has kind of always been an easy thing to do when i actually sit down and read but trying to read for fun has never really been easy. The Lexile score was better than i imagined, i thought it would have been average but after checking the score it shows that i am above average for my grade. How i felt about reading the test was fairly good but got confusing when i came up to a question where i didn’t understand the meaning of a word. I feel great about my reading score considering it was above average.

The thing i most like about my book was that it felt like i was transported into the book and it made it very easy to focus on when i actually sat down and read the book. I don’t know how i actually felt about my report, i would say it was okay. I don’t know what i would have done differently, i don’t know what i did wrong but it didn’t feel write.

The book i am planing to read is The Death Cure by James Dashner because it’s the next book in the maze runner series. I did make the choice because of my last book because since i loved the other book so much i decided to read the next book in the series.

term 4 blog post

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The book i chose for my book report is “The Death Cure” by James Dashner. The reason i did this was because i heard from many people that the maze runner series was really good so i started reading it and i got hooked. I’m now to the third book which i chose for the book report.

The reading level for my book is 7th – 9th grade, how i know is through amazon. I clicked the book and scrolled through the information and found this. The age to my character “Thomas” is about 16 as it describes him in the maze runner.

James Dashner won the New York bestseller in the maze runner series. He received special recognition because someone made a movie of the whole maze runner series. The movies are famous in Utah, in fact they are coming out with one of the movies in a theater near by. What is special about my book is that it makes me feel like i am apart of my book, almost as if i am transported in to a whole new world.

casting my book report characters

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Ryan Reynolds acting as Thomas

“the boy scanned him up and down. I’d say you’re sixteen.”

“in case you were wondering, five foot nine…”

“brown hair. oh and ugly as a fried liver on a stick.”

i would cast Ryan because he looks like he could play the part of Thomas. i always imagined him to look like that. and i heard that he is a good actor.

Zac Efron acting as Newt

“his hair was blond and cut long.”

“Veins stuck out of his muscled arms.”

“Newt was taller than Alby too, but looked to be a year or so younger.”

I would cast Zac because he looks the kind of guy that would go crazy. He seems to know what he’s doing. And he has a long history of acting.

Image result for asian male actorsKeni Styles acting as Minho

“an Asian kid with strong arms and short black hair.”

“who looked a little older than Thomas.”

“skin covered in sweat, wet clothes.”

i would cast Keni Styles because i always imagined Minho to look like that. he looks like he can play the part. he also matches the description of Minho in the book.


i would cast because she looks like how i imagined Brenda to look like. she is Hispanic like it describes in the book. and she looks like she can play the part.

Anne Hathaway acting as Teresa

“she was thin, but not to small.”

“maybe five and a half feet tall from what he could tell.”

“she looked like she could be fifteen or sixteen years old, and her hair was tar black.”

i would cast Anne Hathaway because she matches the description in the book. i would also cast here because she looks independent like Teresa. and lastly because she looks young enough.

personal adventure

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A normal day for me after school is to practice my piano. After that i go to my room and play Xbox with my friends and go outside and play games with my brother. After dinner i usually watch a TV show with my dad and brother and then go to bed.

One day when i was playing football with my brother and i really enjoyed it and i made the decision to play flag football. (this was a couple years ago) After a while i quit playing because i was getting busy with school and it was very time consuming and so i decided to give up on flag football and not to play anymore.

Someone who helped me (or my mentor) was my cousin who was playing tackle football at the time and really enjoyed it but i still didn’t want to have anything to do with it but than he convinced me.

Not to long ago i decided to start playing tackle and i enjoyed it more than flag football because my cousin was there and it made me stronger than i was and it was really enjoying. It was a great thing in my life and it made me happy.

term three blogging

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What i did over Christmas break is just stay home mostly and use what i got for Christmas. We did go with my grandma to eliminations (i think that was what it was called) for her Christmas present because she really wanted to go. We also went to saint George for the new year because we really wanted to get out of the house as a family. But this Christmas break was probably my favorite because i got a new Xbox one and a bunch of games i love.

The book i am reading this term is the scorch trials. The reason why i chose this book was because i loved the maze runner. The author to my book is James Dashner. The reading level to my book is 12 and up.

my new years resolution was to be kinder to my brothers because i have not been very kind lately. and if i am nice to them then they will be nice to me. i know that i can be kinder if i try to be. i know my brothers can be rude to me but that does not mean that i need to be rude back.

me blog

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happy, loving, kind. son of Nathan Spanos. loves his father and mother. always happy, sad, or mad.

feared to be alone for ever with know to look up to. helped his friend out in need.

want to experience a family of his own. lives in pleasant grove utah.

Spanos family

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