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1.the government give them the one child policy from 1979 to 2015

2. that they are  hurting because they are killing  their kids to get another child and they all wanted boys not girls

3. that they had a one child policy from the government and no because they have a policy for two kids now and not letting unmarried women have kids.That we need to help them with things and yes

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1 1.411billon  and Africa

2Beijing population 1.379 billions

3 Shanghai  historic sites

4 standard Mandarin

5 world hunger

6 Christians they also added taoism

7reign of the kangxi emperor

8 reveals economic plans at boson torum amid trade tensions with the u.s

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1 china

2 because i leaned some about the country for my country fair

3 why the population is more boys  then girls

4 why they were only allowed to have two kids? why they would kill or abandoned their kids