Blog Post #6: Lit Circle Connector Project

This image was an accurate representation of the school being surrounded by a fence. The construction fences came to our advantage for sure. Taking the picture from the outside clearly showed how trapped they must’ve felt.

This image represents when Becky welcomes Benson and gives him the tour. I am Becky and he is supposed to be Benson entering, unsure of what is to happen at this school. I made sure to use my welcoming Becky-like tour guide smile.

This image represents the scene where Benson leaves his room and explores the halls a little bit. The halls are all empty and he keeps looking back to make sure no one catches him.

This image represents the people banging in the windows as Benson first arrives to the school. The students are amazed at a new student arrival so they are all looking out the windows in excitement.

So far the conflict in the story is elevating and the climax is approaching quickly. I think the way it is written is very strategic and believable for these characters and their circumstances. I enjoy it very much! I have already finished it but I couldn’t put it down! The action and building up to it was riveting and I was so immersed! Very well written book!

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