Book Show and Tell Term 4

(Show and Tell on 3/26)

During Term 4 I read the Shatter Me Series. I did read it for my series project but I LOVED this series so much that I really wanted to do it for show and tell. I’m really not one for reading the entirety of a series since books seem a lot less interesting to me after the first book (like Divergent, The Hunger Games, Matched, and The 5th Wave). But this series sucked me in so quickly and I literally loved every part of the books, including the writing style, the depth of characters, action, and romance.

It took me maybe a week or two total to finish all the books. As soon as I started another book, I would be reading that more than anything else and finish it within a day or two. The romance is spicy, the action is exciting, the development of characters is entertaining and the author is excellent at making characters lovable or extremely hated. I would recommend this to anyone who likes superpowers, romance, and action. It’s very well done and the twists are riveting and throw a loop in where you think the story is going to go. I love this series. I will definitely be rereading it someday.

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