Blog Post #2: Background Information

The population of Thailand is 69 million. With 9 million (13%) people Bangkok, the Capital, has been the most important part of the country’s development since the 15th century.  This is because it is the economic center of Thailand. It is also most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Chiang Mai is another major city, with many mountains and over 300 Buddhist Temples. People say that Chiang Mai is everything Bangkok is not. With a population of 1.6 million people, it is relaxing and away from all the craziness of Bangkok.

The language that is manly spoken is Thai. Thai is a tonal language, which means tone distinguish the meaning of one word from another.

Ex: măi mài mâi mái   “New silk doesn’t burn, does it?”

The statistics in Thailand has changed drastically over the years.  Back in 1986 67% of the people were below the national poverty line. In 2015 it has decreases and only 7.2% of the people are in poverty. Thailand is also the 2 highest rice exporting country in the world, exporting 21.9% earning $4.4 billion. Life expectancy has gone up from 59 yrs. in 1960 to 74 yrs. in 2015.

A disease called Liver Fluke is unique to the area around Thailand. This can occurs after eating raw fish or contaminated water. These parasites live in intestines and travel down to the  bile ducts. They cause stomach pain, diarrhea, weight loss, etc, and can live in your stomach from 20-30 yrs.

The religion central to Thailand is Theravada Buddhism. The name means “the doctrine of the elders.” They stay away from all types of evil to become good and have a pure mind.

The Five Precepts are to undertake the rule of training to:

  • Refrain from harming living beings
  • Refrain from taking that which is not freely given
  • Refrain from sexual misconduct
  • Refrain from wrong speech; such as lying, idle chatter, malicious gossip or harsh speech
  • Refrain from intoxicating drink and drugs which lead to carelessness


Special dates the Thai’s all celebrate is Thai New Year and the King’s Birthday. Thai New Year is April 13-14th, the beginning of spring. They have a giant water fight, in the north they celebrate for 5 days, Northeast 3 days, and Bangkok 1 day. The King’s birthday is another special day. It was November 5th but the old king has just pasted away and will be changed very soon.

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. Which means the government is in charge, other then when the King wants something done. The King usually doesn’t get involved with the government.

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