life is good when you have a coke

Have you been so tiered that all you wanted was an ice cold coke? well that’s basically what I think about all day. The refreshing coke is what I think about at restaunts  . But when we go to a place that used to serve coke but would now serve  pepcei products is the is when you think Is  pepcei as good as coke? That’s when you realize you won’t go to that place that offen anymore . Then you think good bye coke I will miss you

all about me

Hi i’m Keegan and this is my story of my life (its not boaring trust me)

I was born on a navy base in naples Italy. I lived on the island of sardindia italy for 5 months. Than I moved to America where my brother was waiting at the air port. My brother alex is 8 years older than me he’s also my half brother. I moved into my grandmas house for a couple months. than I moved to the appertment complex to a copple blocks to my current home. THan I moved to eagle mountain . Then i moved to organ for a couple years. when i lived in organ my grandma and grandpa got devorced. me and my grand ma will talk over the phone all the time. But my grandpa i havn’t seen him in over a year. But befor i saw him in disney he moved to florda and i havent seen him in 6 years before disneyworld. thats basicaly the story of my life so far.

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