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Do you ever wonder how you would be like when your old. Well your not the only one. When I am old I will have a great job that I will work super hard at. I will work at that job for a long time. But, soon I will have to retire :[ . But that does not make it so I do not work hard anymore. I will find a new hobby like gardening or babysitting.


I will also have empathy. How? you ask. DUHHH. I’m 100 years old. I have learned from my mistakes and I will know how to help. I will help people for a charity. Also, I will help my grand children with their homework. See I told you I can still work hard even though I am old.

                                                                                                       – Janie Martin


All about me

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Name: Janie

Favorite animal: puppy (bichon)

Favorite food: bean burrito

age: 9 almost 10

something I like: Youtube

something I dislike: broccoli 

favorite treat: anything gummy

My teacher: Miss Miner

Favorite movie: The bridge to Teribithia

Favorite song: Fireball or U cant touch this

If I could have a super power it would be: to fly 30 feet off the ground

From: Orem,Utah

Hello world!

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