Life is to short to not be happy!


Should teachers still teach Shakespeare? Is a question that people have been going back and forth on. I think that even though some might say there are better authors now that can relate to us better, there is still so… Continue Reading →

Everything I know or think I know about Shakespere

To be honest, I don’t know that much about Shakespeare. I have heard a lot about him but I don’t really know who he is or exactly what he is so famous for. In 8th grade for English we had… Continue Reading →

Self assessment

When someone self assesses their own work they are able to grow a skill that can help them in their jobs and for the rest of their life. Many bosses like to see that the person they hired is self… Continue Reading →

Thoughts, questions, and epiphanies

Reading both of these books, really opened my perspective of how life was for African Americans back then. It really made me think and wonder why anyone ever thought it was okay to treat other people that way. The major… Continue Reading →

How I will dominate during term 4

I can not believe this we are almost done with the school year and will soon become official high school students. This year I feel like I have really grown in some areas but definitely could improve in other areas…. Continue Reading →

Good stuff from to kill a mockingbird

On page 246 Miss Maudie is talking to Jem about the trial. She says, “We’re making a step–it’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” This is a very deep and meaningful quote that can sometimes be looked over and… Continue Reading →

An authority on courage and integrity

Someone that I think of that shows courage and integrity is my mom. When she gives someone advice she tells them the truth but in a loving way. If my mom was giving someone advice on what to do she… Continue Reading →

Blind Spots

When Atticus told the kids that Mr. Cunningham was basically a good man, even after knowing he came to the jail to beat up Atticus and to lynch Tom Robinson shows me how merciful Atticus really is. I don’t agree… Continue Reading →


I think it is very important for all of us to gain more persistence and especially for our parents to teach us how to become more persistent! When Atticus tells Scout that they wouldn’t win the case but that he… Continue Reading →

Climbing into another person’s skin

This quote can be interrupted so many different ways!! To me Atticus is trying to say that “when we climb into another person’s skin” we see the world in a different way. We see a whole new perspective that we’ve… Continue Reading →

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