This 1st semester of my 9th grade year was very successful!! I was very proud of most of my work. When Mr. Green first announced that we would be doing personal narratives instead of essays. I was kind of shocked because every teacher every year just has us write really long essays about topics that we don’t even care about. But, this was different we got to choose what we would talk about and how we talked about it. And as for my goals I feel like I have accomplished some of them. I have started to read more at home! I also was able to get all A’s this term and I was 1% away from getting 100% in all of my classes! But, I could be doing a lot more to improve! I definitely could take more time on my work and have other people, including myself, read my essays. This definitely improve my writing skills. Overall I think this was a very successful semester for me and a great way to end the semester before Christmas break!