Empathy is the ability to feel how others feel because you have been through the same or similar experience. I believe that people need empathy, without empathy there would be less trust, people’s friendships would be less strong. You feel a connection with someone that has been through the same thing and it can create […]

Promoting Change

It is our responsibility to promote change in the United States. If it weren’t our responsibility to do that then the amount of equality that we have in the United States wouldn’t exist. Because people believed that it was their responsibility to promote change in our society, women and other races have rights. There are […]


I wake up to an ominous screech trailing to my closet. 7:00 am. The room goes cold and my hands start shivering. I apprehensively, slowly pull the thick covers off of my body. “Hello?” I ask calling into the messy abyss I call my bed room. I didn’t really expect an answer so when the […]

The Sticky Issue of Equality

Equality is when everyone has the same amount of rights, no one is above the other in a situation. If some people are born extremely rich, and some are born poor, and some are born more intelligent and some are born “not-so-smart,” and some are more physically able than others, we are still equal because […]

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