Monthly Archives | September 2019

I can use figurative language

This morning we had car troubles.The car complained as the key was roughly turned in its ignition. I could’ve easily been late to school but unfortunately I was not. Today during math i had to use the most ridiculous excuse to not get my homework counted as late. I actually had to use the ” […]

The world in 2095

In 2095 there will be no climate change. By that time scientist will be able to reverse all the damage we have caused the earth. In 2095 we will have real hover boards and hover cars. By this time we will have decent leadership in all the countries. There will always be people who oppose […]

What am I doing right and what can I be doing better?

I have always been a good student, and I have always made an effort to do my best in school. This year I have made the goal of getting a 4.0 and so far I am on track to obtaining that. Currently I am practicing intense study habits. Everyday I study 45 minutes per class […]

Who am I as a Writer?

I started writing in Kindergarten as most kids did. I went to a charter school so in Kindergarten they for some reason expected a lot of me. I wrote simple words in my journal such as “cat, and dog.” You know, the usual for a five year old. I got really low scores for my […]

My Reading Journey

My reading journey began in Kindergarten when I read Junie B Jones is Not a Crook. I have always loved reading. I went to a school where every fall we would have a reading contest. During this reading contest I would read ALL THE TIME. I would go home and read until I had to […]

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