Monthly Archives | November 2019

1st term business

1st term I was super attentive to my school work. I noticed throughout 2nd term since I’m only getting to writing this now, I just lost the motivation that I had first term. I’m getting back to it thankfully. My goals for 2nd term were to complete the 50 book challenge which I did just […]

Everybody was finally equal

When I first started elementary school I was quote on quote “gifted.” Because of that stuff I was able to do learn and understand and learn more advanced things than my classmates. People weren’t always the happiest about this though cause I was able to do things they couldn’t yet. I was low key bullied […]

What’s on my mind>

I really want to go home right now. Not that Mr Green isn’t cool and all but this class goes by so miserably slow. It’s Friday so that’s pretty cool. Usually on Fridays I do “self care” which is really just a face mask because for some reason every time I have a minor inconvenience, […]

What’s This Got to Do With Me?

My entire life growing up my dad raised me to be super paranoid about strangers, weird places, dark places, ect. Billy Weaver this young kid is obviously not like me. He goes into a weird place, at night, and meets this old woman, a stranger. Not smart. This entire story kind of just freaked me […]

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