The good stuff

I am blessed and grateful for so much in my life. I often express to my friends and family how truly grateful I am for them. I am grateful for my family. My parents are divorced and I have two wonderful step parents. Trace my step dad is my best friend. He’s good to my mom which as if wasn’t enough, he’s kind and considerate to me and my siblings. I am grateful for my parents who always push me to do my best. They celebrate my victories and help me through my fails. I am very grateful for my close friends. I’ve known one of them now for 13 years and we’re still like sisters and still act super immature around each other but it[‘s just because we love each other so much. Whether it’s cutting her bangs on the floor of my bathroom at 3AM or nearly burning my house down on multiple occasions I love her very much. I am especially grateful and beyond blessed with my sister Haven. Haven is Traces daughter. We may not be biological sisters but we might as well be because we are so close to each other. I am grateful for the stars cause they are pretty to look at. I am grateful for everything in life good and bad because everything is a learning opportunity. I am super grateful for my dog. No one has any idea how much I love him. He’s my little cuddle buddy and he makes me happy.

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