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“Harlem” Poetry Response

This poem made me realize how many of my dreams I have put on hold. I’m a teenager so I know the majority of my dreams aren’t achievable to a certain extent which is kind of sad. And I think that was the exact point the author was trying to communicate. Putting dreams on hold […]

Consider Things from His (or Her) Point of View

I’m choosing to follow Mayellas point of view. Why, you might ask? She seems like a good girl who made a dumb decision and her daddy found out so now he wants to blame someone other than his precious, perfect daughter. Her daily life, waking up, doing chores for her daddy. No friends though. She’s […]

What I Found Confusing in the Prologue to The Book Thief

Honestly, majority of the time I was reading I was confused. Not because it’s a bad book but because it is so well written that my little brain struggles sometimes. Page 12- 15 was probably where I struggled most. Mainly because of how fast paced the book is that going from situation to situation is […]

What Power Do Words Have?

Words can either make or break a situation. If you choose to add fuel to the fire in an argument, or if you’re deciding to be the bigger person, the words you choose are important. Words can accomplish so much. Obviously, we use words every single day so they must be important. People like to […]

How I’m Dealing With This Coronavirus Stuff

I’m not really dealing with this stuff well. Pretty much I try do do all my school work by Wednesday afternoon so I can have the rest of the week off and not have to worry about it anymore. That system has been working pretty well except for in this class where I finished everything […]

Books To Read During the Apocalypse

A really good book to read at this time for me is The Maze Runner. It’s very apocalyptic from this zombie like virus everyone is getting. It’s very fitting for this time that everyone is going through. It starts off with Thomas this 14 year old kid, well he wakes up in this metal box […]

“Strange Fruit” Poetry Response

This poem made me realize how blessed I am to have been born in the time I was born in. The morals I likely would have been raised on if I would’ve been born eighty years earlier are absolutely gut wrenching. I think the author was trying to communicate to people how terrifying this time […]

Blind Spots

I think Atticus is absolutely correct about Mr. Cunningham being a good man just with blind spots. You have to think about how these men were raised and how that is ultimately contributing to their feelings about black people now. People can be good, but only their version of it. Everyone see’s things so differently. […]

Book Review of A Monster Calls

A monster calls starts out with Connor O’Malley. His mom has cancer, he’s getting harassed at school, and on the down low he’s suffering from some sort of mental illness which is justified with all that he’s going through. He also has a reoccurring nightmare that has happened every night since his mom got sick. […]

Speak the Truth

If he doesn’t confront and accept the truth he would be continuing that painful cycle of projection onto people who really aren’t the problem. The monster said it would kill him if he doesn’t confront the truth, and honestly it would. It would just eat away at him until he would not be able to […]

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