Deep thinker 2.2

Source: The Alchemyst, Michael Scott, Page 21

Quote: “Humans are so predictable.”

Context: Basically this shop Josh worked at just got overrun by these nasty Golem creatures who are after Nicholas Flamel, josh’s boss.

This makes me think: This just makes me realize and consider how predictable I am the majority of the time. A lot of different people can guess what I am thinking as I tend to be very emotional whether I’m experiencingsadness, anxiety, anger, anything really, I tend to be very open and vocal about my internalized feelings. These creatures in the book are obviously not human. So I wonder from animals perspectivesmaybe if they can see beyond how we as people act. My dog always “just knows” when I have had a rough day. He always is more cuddly and clingy on those days. These golems in the book are observant of the humans they surround themselves with, it almost makes me think maybe I should pay more attention to the people and things around me.

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