On stealing

I think Liseals behavior is definitely justified in everyday. She is not only doing it to benefit her own self but she’s also doing it to benefit others. It is almost like her own little personal rebellion. It probably isn’t the best time for it to be happening but I don’t think that at all matters to her. She’s been caught but luckily it isn’t by anyone who wants to punish her for it for the most part. It’s pretty much all just people who are supposed to be looking out for her. I think she’s considered the consequences and sometimes the benefits of stealing could outweigh the consequences for her. This applies to many things you see in life. She thinks with her gut instead of her head. I like that. It may not be the most rational at times but a girl knows what she wants.

Theft of rare and Antiquarian books | Ash Tree Books

3 responses on On stealing

  1. Yeah I agree that since she has considered the consequences instead of just lashing out for no reason it makes it better.

  2. Yeah its definitely justified! Those books she stole were just going to be burned anyways. So Im glad she took it!

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