What you need to know before signing up for the Pop Lit course

I would definitely tell someone to take this class however only if they are up for the extra work. It is all easy work if you actually read and doing your outside of class work. It’s not just a show up and pass with flying colors kind of class. This class really helped improve my reading skills and introduced me to books I wouldn’t typically enjoy. The workload wasn’t a lot if you kept up with it. That’s a big one. Don’t procrastinate for this class or you’re going to want to die at the end of the term when you have one weekend to do 20 blog posts. This class is fantastic though not only if you’re an avid reader but also someone who wants to become one. I think that this class really helped me in comprehension which is so important. I would definitely recommend this class, Mr Green being a great teacher is just a bonus honestly.

The Start of My Journey As A Reader - Noteworthy - The Journal Blog

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