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What you need to know before signing up for the Pop Lit course

I would definitely tell someone to take this class however only if they are up for the extra work. It is all easy work if you actually read and doing your outside of class work. It’s not just a show up and pass with flying colors kind of class. This class really helped improve my […]

Max Abandoned His Family

I think he was in the right choosing the leave his family. They were going to die no matter what happened, because he had the option to get out of that I guarantee his family wanted him too. Even if just one person can be saved they deserve to be. It’s like saying six people […]

On stealing

I think Liseals behavior is definitely justified in everyday. She is not only doing it to benefit her own self but she’s also doing it to benefit others. It is almost like her own little personal rebellion. It probably isn’t the best time for it to be happening but I don’t think that at all […]

What Would It Be Like?

Honestly I feel like I have been in a place where I felt like I was losing my family. When my parents got divorced and remarried to other people, I felt like I had to learn a whole new family. It was hard, and stressful. Losing so much at just the early age of nine, […]

What Power Do Words Have?

Words can either make or break a situation. If you choose to add fuel to the fire in an argument, or if you’re deciding to be the bigger person, the words you choose are important. Words can accomplish so much. Obviously, we use words every single day so they must be important. People like to […]

Books To Read During the Apocalypse

A really good book to read at this time for me is The Maze Runner. It’s very apocalyptic from this zombie like virus everyone is getting. It’s very fitting for this time that everyone is going through. It starts off with Thomas this 14 year old kid, well he wakes up in this metal box […]

Speak the Truth

If he doesn’t confront and accept the truth he would be continuing that painful cycle of projection onto people who really aren’t the problem. The monster said it would kill him if he doesn’t confront the truth, and honestly it would. It would just eat away at him until he would not be able to […]

Are you Really there at all?

If a person isn’t seen, they’re not any less seen. As someone who has been through this multiple times, it is miserable and sad. It can be some of the darkest times in a persons life. But why do we allow people to make us feel this way? Why do they have so much power […]


I believe, that if you could give something you “valued” for so long, a person, an idea, literally anything, I believe that by giving you up you subconsciously didn’t care in the first place. If something is so easy to lose, why did it even matter. This man gave up his beliefs instantly just because […]


I think dads are often portrayed the way they are because so many of these authors or video and film producers have personal experiences with their own fathers that shaped the way they do. I often see mothers written the same way. I think it definitely can shape a false perception for a lot of […]

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