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I’m a Big Kid Now!

I am drastically different from how I started the school year. I was a new student, terrified of absolutely anything and everything. I’ve grown from that and I’m proud of myself for that. I never expected to actually make friends, or at least close ones, but I did. I struggle with pretty bad depression and […]

Are Books Dangerous?

Books have such a big impact on the world. To Kill a Mockingbird for example, that has affected people for generations because of how significant it is. Nazi’s are worried about what people read because of the significance and symbolism books hold. Just imagine if their was a book about a rebellion, it could inspire […]

How I Feel About To Kill a Mockingbird

This book made me experience so many different feelings I don’t even know where to begin. I couldn’t stand the beginning. It was long, boring, confusing and just not my cup of tea in general. I fell asleep reading it almost every time so I honestly thought I didn’t like the book. My friend who […]

“Things Have a Way of Settling Down”

Things can possibly go back to normal, but also the complete opposite could happen. We potentially could have intermediate social distancing until 2022. No one is going to just suddenly go back to normal, we have o ease into it. This is temporarily the new normal. I don’t mind it, but I still am going […]

What Is My Code? “The Limits of Empathy

My code is very similar to Atticus. I am a very emotionally sensitive person, meaning that when one person is sad, I ultimately get very sad myself. According to my mom I have always been this way. Being this way has always allowed me to see things from other peoples perspective. I am very big […]

Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

“We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” (246). I chose this quote because I think everyone can relate to it to a certain extent. They have tried so hard and fought for so long for Tom Robinson. What the have done though, it hasn’t changed the minds of many people […]

What I look for in a Good Character

I am the type of person who typically likes the bad guys in stories. I usually just find that I can relate to their position more. I find that main characters are almost always whiny and frustrating. When I look for a antagonist to like, usually I look into their traits as a character and […]

“Harlem” Poetry Response

This poem made me realize how many of my dreams I have put on hold. I’m a teenager so I know the majority of my dreams aren’t achievable to a certain extent which is kind of sad. And I think that was the exact point the author was trying to communicate. Putting dreams on hold […]

Consider Things from His (or Her) Point of View

I’m choosing to follow Mayellas point of view. Why, you might ask? She seems like a good girl who made a dumb decision and her daddy found out so now he wants to blame someone other than his precious, perfect daughter. Her daily life, waking up, doing chores for her daddy. No friends though. She’s […]

What I Found Confusing in the Prologue to The Book Thief

Honestly, majority of the time I was reading I was confused. Not because it’s a bad book but because it is so well written that my little brain struggles sometimes. Page 12- 15 was probably where I struggled most. Mainly because of how fast paced the book is that going from situation to situation is […]

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