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Word Nerd 2.6

Source: The Alchemyst, Michael Scott, Page 19 Context: “He was fastidiously brushing dust off the sleeve of his coat while two of his Golemsexplored the cellar.” In their words: showing or demanding excessive delicacy or care fastidious attention to detail Robert Evett reflecting a meticulous, sensitive, or demanding attitude fastidious workmanship having high and often […]

Word Nerd 2.5

Source: The Alchemyst, Michael Scott, Page 11 Context:“His English touched with an indefinable accent” In their words: incapable of being precisely described or analyzed In my words: Something that you can’t put into words In pictures:

Word Nerd 2.4

Source:The Alchemyst, Michael Scott, Page 11 Context: “As Nick clambered to his feet, he pushed Josh back down the stairs.” In their words: to climb awkwardly (as by scrambling) In my words: Quickly jumping to your feet In pictures:

Word Nerd 2.3

Source:The Alchemyst, Michael Scott, Page 10 Context: “Tendrilsand wisps of green mist gathered in Fleming’s palms, then curled in ornate patterns and drifted onto the floor, where they writhed like serpents.” In their words: a leaf, stipule, or stem modified into a slender spirally coiling sensitive organ serving to attach a climbing plant to its […]

Word Nerd 2.2

Source:The Alchemyst, Michael Scott, Page 9 Context:“Josh peered over the edge of the cellar, eyes watering with the stink of sulfurand mint.” In their words: a nonmetallic chemical element that is an essential element for all life, resembles oxygen in chemical properties, and is used especially in the form of sulfuric acid to extract phosphates […]

Word Nerd 2.1

Source:The Alchemyst, By Michael Scott, Page 5 Context:“He was a small, rather dapper-looking man, dressed in a neat charcoal-gray three-piece suit that looked vaguely old-fashioned but that she could tell had been tailor-made for him.” In their words: neat and trim in appearance looked very dapper in their uniforms very spruce and stylish a dapper […]

Word Nerd 1.12

Source:Me and Earl and the Dying Girl By Jesse Andrews Page 126 Context: “psychotic fake-German-speaking Spanish conquistador…” In their words: one of the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru in the 16th century.   In my words:An individual who conquers or takes over a country In pictures:

Word Nerd 1.10

Source: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl By Jesse Andrews Page 67 Context: “…any of his trademark rage-expressing mannerisms, such as his feet…” In their words: a habitual or characteristicmanner, mode, or way of doing something; distinctive quality or style, as in behavior or speech In my words:A habit specific to you In […]

Word Nerd 1.9

Source: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl By Jesse Andrews Page 31 Context:“Mom: entering room as Greg conspicuously shuts his computer.” In their words: easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable In my words:Obvious actions In pictures:

Word Nerd 1.8

Source: Me and Earl and the dying girl By Jesse Andrews Page 30 Context: “This was unprecedented.” In their words: without previous instance; never before known or experienced; unexampled or unparalleled In my words:Never done before In pictures:

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