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Untwine by Edwidge Danticat

This book is about a girl named Gisele. Her twin Izzy dies in a car crash and she has to learn how to deal with life without her other half. She has to learn how to reassert her new identity. She was always a twin, always referred to as ‘the girls’. Now without her identical sister she doesn’t know what she is anymore. She often refers to herself as a twinless twin. Gisele is even mistaken for Isabel when she dies. It takes you through the path of grieving and morning and recovery.

I liked this book as a message, it had beautiful theme and was extremely well written. However it seemed very slow going and hard to keep reading at times because it felt as if it wasn’t going anywhere. To me it feels like one long piece of slam poetry. I would recommend this to everyone, because even though at times it was hard to read it has a lot of really powerful messages in it. I would especially recommend this to someone who is grieving.

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