My favorite short story

My favorite short story is probably “The story of a hour” because it is interesting. It is like kinda confusing but i understood it at the end. I don’t really connect with it so i cant say what i connect with in the story. The author did a good job at making it suspenseful and interesting.  He could probably make it less confusing so that u understand whats happening  better. That is my favorite short story.

The good stuff

I’m grateful for friends and family. Because they are always there for me and i know if i need them they will be there for me. If i didn’t have friends or family i would not know what to do. Friends are like family when they are super close they just turn into a family and then they will be there for you like family will. I’m also grateful for life because i wouldn’t have friends or family without it.

Everybody was finally equal

Some people are rely good at sports and people try and stop him from paying by maybe hurting him by “accident” so that there team could win. If someone was good at making home runs then someone from the other team could “accidentally” though the ball at his face and so there team could win. People punish people for thing there good at so that they can be equally good. Witch is not good because if they practice then they can be equally as good too and then the can be better.

what’s on my mind

Whats on my mind is how parents are confusing. Because this morning i didn’t want to go to school because i’m not feeling very well then i started felling a bit better so i stated getting ready for school and she knew i was going to school. Then my mom took my little sister to school and i walked with my friend like i normally do the she texted me and said where did u go i don’t appreciate you not picking up your phone. I didn’t pick  it up because i didn’t hear it ring because i turn off ringer witch i normally do. So i don’t get it.

what’s this story got to do with me ?

This story relates to me like how billy was excited to get a new job and he was acting very professional then it didn’t go as planned.  I was so excited to get a job too its just babysitting but when i first started babysitting it was supper fun and then it was getting harder because the kids warmed me and don’t really listen now so that didn’t go as planned. When i babysit they don’t do thing I tell them like cleaning. And they don’t listen when i tell them to stop. that is how the story relates to me.

The Story of a Hour – Online Discussion

I liked the story it interesting she was happy after a while because she felt free and how she was noticing good things not negative. I like how she used different was to tell how she was felling and not just i fell happy or i fell sad but she used like when she had a weird felling she used by a physical exhaustion that haunted her body and seemed to reach into her soul. one thing i didn’t like about the story Is that she died.

Something that stood out to me was  that she noticed mostly good things instead of the bad things when she was going through a bad things. When she had so many emotions bottled up her husband came home just after she got told he was dead and he said he was far away from the train wreck. So i have a question, Why did they think he was dead and became part of the wreak when he was far from it? And, What happend in the wreak did it go off the track?

suspense and word choice

One day a kid wanted to go to a movie with his friend. He had asked his mom if he could go he promised he would be back before 10:00 and don’t take the short cut home. He left and walked to the movie with his friend it was 8:30 when they finished. He then diced to go to his friends and play video games. They go to his house and played the game he lost track of time and it was 10:00 exactly he knew if he was a little late it will be OK he also new that it take five mins to take the short cut 10 mins if he didn’t. so he took the short cut through the graveyard he thought why did my mom not want me to take this way home? He suddenly heard a cluck cluck! cluck cluck! he started walking faster he herd it cluck cluck walk faster with him he started running cluck cluck! he ran finally got home and the door was locked he looked at the time it was 10:20 he hears clunk clunk! He bangs on the door! let me in he yells finally in a relief his mom let him in he never took the short cut again.

locked inside poetry analysis

Why do i think that women feel locked inside? Because they couldn’t really choose what they did and they couldn’t really do anything about it.  I think she was using the poem to say that if your stuck you can find ways to get out. maybe she was thinking they men aren’t gonna change it like when she was locked in and the she thought oh i can try to change it myself like when she found out that she can unlock it her self. So i feel like they felt trapped but they ended up finding a way out.

friend or foe?

I think that technology is a friend and a foe. Foe because google lies most of the time and it takes up time out of your day and most people are always on there phones and they look at it and don’t pay attention and people play on the phones while driving witch is very dangerous. It also can be a good thing because if you are in trouble and need to find someone you can call people to help you and if you need to be picked up from somewhere you can call.

I can use figurative language

Over the weekend I made a egg baby for child development. The egg is like a baby you have to take care of it and not let it fall. I made a blanket for it and in child development i’m finishing decorating my egg. Today i dropped it on my floor and thought it was cracked but it wasn’t witch is good because if it was i would have to hollow out another egg. Then we went to school and my friend knocked my baby out of its carrier and it fell on the ground and we both screamed and thought it was cracked. That is twice that it almost cracked. Lucky it didn’t tho!!!!!!!!!!  THis is gunna be a fun week.

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