September 27

What I look for in a good character

I look for someone strong and caring. Loving and kind. Someone who knows their standards and others standards. Someone who respects all those around them. Someone who will help others in need and are learning about themselves along the way. In the 5th wave we learn about a character named Evan Walker. Evan is caring and loving and kind. He knows what you want and when you want it. He never argues and always listens to what others have to say. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep you safe and others around you. Rick Yancey, the author of the 5th wave show Evan as loving and caring. Rick lets us know that Evan is kind and willing to help. He tells us this by saying that Evan Walker is willing to die if it means others get to live.

September 25

Why do we read stories?

We read stories to learn about others lives, mistakes, and trials that they have been through. We also read stories to get away from the world for a while. We may be going through something tough and stories help us cope, or we could just be bored and have nothing else to do but read. We read stories to learn about others like us. We may have just experienced a death of a love one close to us, so we read books and others stories about how they have coped with death. We also read stories to learn about new and interesting things, like how to become a teenager, or how aliens attacked earth in 5 waves. We read stories to learn, cope, grow, make new experiences, and make new friends fiction and non-fiction, laugh, and to just have a good time.

September 21

All about ME!!!

Hello everybody! This is a post about me! So lets get started…. I’m 14 years old and love to play sports. If my sight name doesn’t relay that. I play softball, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Right now I’m playing three out of those four sports. I also love to read books, some of my favorite books are The 5th wave trilogy and Gregor the Overlander. I also love Pets, I have on pet and he is and American Eskimo and his name is Bentley. Some of my favorite T.V shows are Supernatural and Psych. I’m adopted and have 6 brothers all together. I love Imagine Dragons and Hamilton. I hope that ya’ll learned a lot about me! Thanks for reading!